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An Ireland elopement is so much more than just saying your vows somewhere pretty. It’s that feeling of walking hand-in-hand through emerald fields, looking out over white-tipped waves cresting a gunmetal sea. It’s hopping from stone to stone on Giant’s Causeway, or feeling the weight of history in the shadow of Dunluce Castle. It’s escaping to a land of beauty, myth and magic, and inviting romance and adventure into your hearts.

And as a Northern Ireland elopement photographer, I want to give you your Irish fairytale. I love where I live. And I love that whilst you’re sharing the most special day of your lives with me, I get to share my home with you. Basically, I’m as much a tour guide as I am a photographer! And who better to capture your Dunluce Castle elopement than someone who grew up looking at it out their bedroom window?!

I want to give you photos that capture that spirit of adventure, the breathtaking beauty of the place I call home, and the intimacy and impossible closeness of true love. I want to join in the adventure alongside you, have fun with you and give you space to get lost in every moment. This will be an experience of a lifetime, and I want to capture it for you with all the raw emotion and beauty it deserves. And as a born-and-bred local, I’m a handy person to have around! Want to elope in Dunluce Castle? You’ll need the landowner’s permission, and I know him by name. Want to say your vows on a secluded hilltop? I know where you can legally get married (and where we can go to avoid crowds of gawking tourists!) I know all the good local hair and makeup artists, videographers and florists. I know the best places for dinner, and which hotels have the best views! Basically with me on your side, the whole thing will be an easy-peasy breeze.

I offer different planning services depending on how much effort you want to put in, and how much input you want to have. From simply recommending and liaising with local suppliers for you, to taking your money and sorting out every last detail from styling, to ceremony locations to dinner reservations. The most important thing to me is that you have the best experience possible, and whichever package you choose, I’ll do everything I can to give you your dream wedding.


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