MA LOVE & Adventure Elopements



I will tell your love story just as raw as it is, just as adventurous, just as fun, or just as calm as you wish it to be. If you decide to elope with me, I will support you in every step of the way.

I am an adventurer elopement guide and photographer based in Switzerland and Sweden but travelling to where your heart takes you. The best third wheel you could possibly dream of…
I will get up at 3 just to capture your moments at sunrise, climb a mountain, sail an ocean, ski down just about any slope. Just to make sure that you spend the day just as YOU are dreaming about! Or I will simply sneak around like a little mouse at your party. Just as you wish.

We think that we have time. We think that what we don’t do today, we can do another day. I learned that we might never get to that day. So make sure that you live the life you want to live, never say no to an opportunity or an adventure. And remember, the photos are all you have to refresh your memory. And the photos are all there is left when you are gone for your family to remember you.

I see my task is to freeze that little moment in time, even if each photo is just for a second the whole gallery will be the story of your love and your day.
For me, how I tell your story is everything and my most important mission.
For me, when I plan an elopement day for you, my most important mission is to plan something that resonates with YOU. This is why I always start with YOU and YOUR dreams when planning your elopement day. I hope I see you in Europe!


Business Name: MA LOVE & Adventure Elopements


Email: [email protected]

Based in: Switzerland