Edinburgh, Scotland Elopement

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Kendall and Nick eloped in Edinburgh, getting ready in the gorgeous historic town and then on to Arthur’s Seat to tie the knot.

The raw emotion throughout this day was amazing, and something shared amongst their small group of close loved ones who witnessed the ceremony. The next stop after the ceremony was the Old Town for some photos amongst the magical streets and hidden closes (and not forgetting a stop at the beautiful Milkman coffee shop!).

how was the location chosen?

From Tamar, the photographer: Holyrood park is a beautiful area in the heart of Edinburgh which gives the impression you are truly out in nature without realising you’re actually in the city itself!

So we chose this for the beautiful views and ease of access to Edinburgh’s beautiful Old Town, meaning we could easily take a wide variety of photos afterwards, and of course grab coffee, ha!

It’s worth checking with Historic Scotland as they run the area to see if you need any permits or special permissions for elopements and/or photo sessions.
The location is very easily accessible. It’s a very easy access from a car park just nearby. It’s a slight climb up a small hill to get to the area we were at with some good views but there isn’t disabled access. 

You can have legal ceremonies here. You can get married almost anywhere in Scotland so long as you have a qualified celebrant present. It’s amazing!

what about Sustainability?

We wanted to make sure we left no trace on the grounds of the ceremony and in doing so left the area just as beautiful as when we arrived.
Leaving no trace and also respecting all notifications from park rangers regarding wildlife – there can be signs up sometimes advising which areas in Holyrood Park to avoid in order to help protect wildlife and conservation efforts. 

what are your top tips for eloping In this area?

From Tamar: Always work with your photographer to get a time of day that works best for tourist numbers! The biggest example is that during the whole month of August Edinburgh has the Fringe festival which means that Holyrood Park is extremely busy during the daytime. In this case, ceremonies before 9am and after 5pm are the best option. Other than that, I’d say bring hiking boots and a change of clothes because the Scottish weather can be unpredictable! 

All year is great to visit, because the colours in the landscape change so it’s entirely down to preference. Summer is more likely to be a safe bet weather wise (but no garuntees!), however the Autumn and Winter offer less tourists to think about when planning the day, and moody vibes that are so typical of Scotland and look dramatic!

How did the couple meet and why did they chose to elope?

From Kendall, the bride: Nick and I met on Hinge. I had a prompt saying I was looking for someone with a lot of pockets to carry all the rocks and trinkets I pick up on hikes and he was happy to answer the call!

We had always known from the very beginning before we were even officially engaged that we did not want a big, elaborate wedding – The cost was a factor but mostly because it would’ve been so forced. Nick and I’s entire relationship has felt so intimate and romantic and I wanted the day we chose to promise ourselves to each other for the rest of our lives to have that same feeling. We weren’t getting married for the wedding, we were getting married to connect us together in that last final way with the people who have known every moment of us up until this point. 

I have personally always felt a calling to visit Scotland so when the opportunity arose to elope there Nick and I didn’t even have a second thought. I couldn’t think of a more beautiful backdrop for our love story to play out in on our wedding day and it always gives us a reason to keep coming back!

any advice you’d like to share based on your experience?

From Kendall, the bride: My best advice would be to plan early. Especially coming from America I was unaware at the time it would take to get a Marriage Visa. Give yourself at least six months to get all your documentation you will need together and sent to the proper places.Utilize https://www.gov.uk/marriage-visa/apply it literally will give you step by step instructions and they are super great with returning emails on questions!  Also be sure to check on your location, we needed permission from Historic Scotland and didn’t know until a week before we were scheduled to fly in! It all worked out but something I wish I knew beforehand!

the vendors:

Photography: Tamar Hope Photography
Celebrant: Rev Hazel Jane
Video: Matt Willoughby Film

the photos:

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