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Solène and Gauthier wanted to celebrate their union before their big wedding in France and for this they wanted to elope to Norway. They wanted authenticity and to discover a rare place that could not be found in tourist books. Their photographer Sophie accompanied them for their wedding to hidden places in Norway.

They were able to enjoy getting ready in a sublime traditional Norwegian wooden cabin surrounded by nature. They took photos in a mountainous place only known to the locals and then went to land belonging to Norwegians to enjoy the view of the fjord.

It was in this foggy atmosphere that they read their vows to each other.

How did you choose the location?

From Sophie, the photographer:

The couple was looking for an intimate, rather secluded location to intensely experience their wedding day. They wanted to have an extraordinary adventure and get off the beaten path, away from everything seen on Instagram or in travel books. 

They wanted to trust a local photographer to help them discover a hidden gem in Norway. They loved the idea of being surrounded by mountains while also enjoying a fjord view. So, I helped them find the perfect compromise: a very intimate place combining the beauty of the mountains and the sublime fjord view. 

Do you require any special permits or permissions to have an elopement or photoshoot here?

From Sophie, the photographer:

One of the great advantages of getting married here is the breathtaking landscape. In Norway, free access to nature is a right. 
Therefore, you won’t need permission to go onto land properties, although there are still some rules to follow, such as respecting nature and keeping a certain distance from neighbors (especially for bivouacking, camping, vans, etc.). 
Even though this practice is deeply rooted in Norwegian customs, it is important to use common sense and respect the local population. In case of doubt, asking the neighbors for permission is always a good thing to do. 

Can you have a legal ceremony here or just symbolic?

From Sophie, the photographer:

It is entirely possible to have a legal wedding in Norway. To do this, you will need to contact the Norwegian administration, “Skatteetaten,” and fill out the application form. This can take some time, so it is best to be well-informed about the waiting periods for obtaining the certificate of non-impediment (prøvingsattest). This certificate is mandatory for holding a legal ceremony in Norway. Most often, a symbolic ceremony is recommended to avoid the stress of the country’s administrative paperwork.  

How easy is the location to access? Is it suitable for all ages?

From Sophie, the photographer:

This site is very easy to access because a road allows for convenient access. It is possible to get beautiful views from the road (without seeing the road). For the more adventurous, it is also possible to take hiking trails through nature. It’s a real playground with a very varied landscape. However, without local knowledge, it can be difficult to hike in this area or even just to reach this site. There are very few signs. The only non-locals who arrive here are those who have “gotten lost.”  

what sustainability considerations are Particularly important in this area?

From Sophie: Having studied in the environmental field, respecting nature is very important to me. I make sure that the selected site is appropriate to preserve nature.

There are animals present in this area, particularly sheep and cows. It is essential not to disturb them in their habitat. Fences must be respected and properly closed behind you. It is also important to follow marked trails to preserve sensitive areas and minimize impact on vegetation and soil.  

It is crucial to pick up your trash to avoid harming the wildlife habitat in this area. Additionally, it is preferable to follow marked trails.

what are your top tips for an elopement in this area?

From Sophie: If this site is chosen by the couple for their elopement day, I strongly recommend booking accommodation. There are few rentals available, so it’s best to plan well in advance. This holds true throughout Norway. It’s a very large country with few inhabitants per square kilometer, so it’s advisable to book the wedding preparation and honeymoon accommodation early. Addressing this step early in the planning process helps alleviate stress because distances can quickly become significant in Norway.

Additionally, proper equipment is essential. This area is relatively humid, even in summer, so it’s important to prepare necessary gear and not be caught off guard. These are reminders I emphasize during the day’s planning: prepare warm and spare clothing, and wear sturdy shoes if hiking is planned. Given the potential distance, it’s wise to plan ahead if you intend to dine in your chalet amidst nature. Lastly, keeping an eye on the weather can be beneficial, especially if timing can avoid heavy rain just minutes away. Therefore, I recommend flexibility at the last minute if it can prevent a downpour during the vows exchange.

Access in winter can be somewhat challenging as snowmobiles may be required. I would say the best period is from early to mid-May to late November.

Tell us a bit about the couple and why did they decide to elope?

From Sophie:

Solène and Gauthier are a french couple who first met through a mutual friend and other friends they had in high school. They have been together for over 9 years.

Solène and Gauthier dreamed of experiencing something extraordinary, a moment just for themselves. They chose to have an intimate wedding in Norway first, but they are also planning a traditional wedding in France this year with their families. Elopement was a real heart’s desire for them, an incredible opportunity to connect with each other; they truly wanted to experience this and have an extraordinary adventure.

Solène and Gauthier had visited Bergen a few years earlier and loved the country. When the idea of an intimate wedding came up, they immediately thought of Norway—it seemed like the perfect fit because of its landscapes and tranquility.  

Any other advice you’d like to Share based on your experience?

From Sophie: You only get married once! If elopement is something that appeals to you, go for it, you won’t regret it. If you dream of an intimate wedding in the heart of nature to reconnect and enjoy every moment, then you should consider Norway. I would be delighted to accompany you throughout this romantic adventure!  
However, make sure to be accompanied by real photographers specialized in elopements. It’s a profession that requires expertise!

the vendors:

Photography & videography: Sophie Brioudes
Wedding dress: Maison Lemoine
Crown of flowers: Les couronnes de Victoire
Shoes: Bobbies
Earrings: Horticulture papier
Shirt & tie: Figaret
Suit: Izac Officiel

the photos:

The video:


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