Sunset Elopement in Paris

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Eloping in Paris is one of the most romantic things ever: imagine roaming around the Tour Eiffel or the beautiful “quartier” of Montmartre, the artists’ neighborhood of the City of lights with the one you love most.

Rita, the photographer, grew up in Paris as a kid from 6 to 11 years old, so when she got the opportunity to go back to her childhood city for a few sessions (maternity, couple and this elopement!) she was incredibly excited to see how and if the city had changed. She was so lucky to see that no, mostly nothing had changed; even the odor of the “métropolitain” is still the same! (if you know you know)

Can you tell us a bit about the day?

From Rita, the photographer:
This elopement and “PACS”* celebration with Romane and Guillaume was a wonderful day even though it started with quite a few difficulties: Romane was sick the night before and getting ready was pushed back a couple hours. Also, as it almost never happens in Paris, the weather forecast said there would have been a huge snow storm: schools were closed and a lot of trains were canceled, too. Despite these predictions, the snow was very little and mostly all melted.

But still, Romane and Guillaume were incredible and so beautiful, I mean, that Millanova short dress, wow! Their romantic story was wonderful to tell in the most iconic locations of the city where they also just had recently moved to. We started off at Place du Tertre in the Montmartre area, the most amazing parisian neighborhood: filled with artists and great stories from the past, it still feels like being in the Amélie Poulain movie.

The Christmas lights made everything even more magical and despite the very cold weather, Romane and Guillaume were enjoying every single second gazing into each other’s eyes.

I will be forever grateful for them facing the cold (-2°C), but laughing, dancing, hugging and kissing like it was a warm spring afternoon. From the main square of Montmartre, we walked towards the famous Maison Rose where we obviously had to stop for a few photos. Then we kept walking up to the statue of Dalida from which the view of the Church of the Sacré Coeur was beautiful. At that exact moment, a shy sunray also made its appearance, just to disappear very quickly from us.

The whole elopement felt very romantic and sweet, obviously also incredibly intimate: all the details matched perfectly, from the bow in Romane’s hair to her pearly short gloves, including the obvious hot pink and red bouquet. It was all very modern and stylish, perfectly Parisian. Perfectly beautiful.

After a short break to warm up with a hot chocolate at Le Consulat (another world-famous spot in Montmartre), we continued our day at the Pont Alexandre III from which the view on the Eiffel Tower was just perfect. It was almost dark and very cloudy, the weather was changing quickly, and after some romantic dance and a running to keep themselves warm, we walked back towards the metro where we hugged and said goodbyes and everyone went home to warm and cozy up with a hot tea, and beautiful memories to cherish forever.

What does PACS mean?

From Rita, the photographer: PACS stands for “pacte civil de solidarité”, it represents a legal union between two people of either sex in France. It states that these two people live together and can declare French taxes together, as well as legally split possessions. It’s not 100% the same as a marriage but has some of its legal bits.

the vendors:

Photography: AmorVincitOmnia
Flowers: L’Atelier Bleuet
Bridal Atelier: Muses Mariage
Bridal Designer: Milla Nova
Coats: Stradivarius & Zara

the photos:

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