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Tuscany Elopement Guide

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Elope in Tuscany, where romance meets breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and world-class cuisine. Imagine exchanging vows amidst rolling hills dotted with vineyards, historic villas, and charming medieval towns. Whether you’re dreaming of an intimate ceremony in a secluded countryside spot or a grand affair in a luxurious villa, Tuscany offers the perfect backdrop for your special day. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to plan your perfect elopement in Tuscany, from legal requirements and top locations to vendor recommendations and personalized ceremony ideas. Get ready to create unforgettable memories in one of the most enchanting regions of Italy.

Why Elope in Tuscany?

What’s not to love about Tuscany? From its rolling hillsides to its stunning historical cities, Tuscany just oozes romantic vibes. That’s why it’s been the backdrop for so many movies across the decades. But that’s just the start. Here are 5 reasons why we think Tuscany is perfect for a dolce vita elopement:

  1. World-class food and award-winning wines – need we say more?
  2. You can combine your elopement with a honeymoon in Italy
  3. There are countless location options, from rustic villas to lavish palazzos
  4. You can legally marry in Tuscany, even if you’re not an Italian citizen or resident
  5. Incredible wedding vendors who will make your day unforgettable
Bride and groom walk arm in arm along a cobbled streed with historical buildings around them in Tuscany
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Planning Your Tuscany Elopement

Best Time of year to Elope in Tuscany

Is Tuscany a location that you can elope to year-round? While it’s certainly possible, there are some times of year that are recommended over others.

April & May are ideal if you want warm weather and a summer feeling, but you also want to avoid the heat and crowds of the Tuscan summer (which can get extremely hot).

Spring time is perfect. May is our favourite month, but Autumn is also absolutely beautiful, as the landscape changes dramatically turning into hues of reds, oranges and yellows, the days are still dry and mild and there are far fewer people around!

Winter can get cold and wet, but nevertheless has its pros: the towns and villages start displaying the typical Christmas lights, you can enjoy all the typical wintery culinary specialities and experience a region that is still full of beautiful activities to do. In fact, unlike many famous destinations around Italy (like for example the Amalfi Coast that becomes pretty much ghostly in the Winter months), Tuscany is vibrant and authentic through the whole year.

If there is a moment to avoid visiting the region, that would certainly be Summer time (from mid-June till the end of August): not only does it get extremely warm (and we are talking proper warm), but it gets way too packed.

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Best time to enjoy Tuscany from a Tuscan person: April, May and October. Worst time to visit: August and early September. This is peak holiday time for Italians so expect a lot more traffic on roads and generally crowds everywhere and possibly extreme heat. 

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Young bride and groom kiss standing on a green hillside in Tuscany
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Legal Requirements for Eloping in Tuscany

If you planning on celebrating your legal marriage ceremony in Tuscany, there’s some paperwork that you’ll need to submit. For most couples, this includes:

  • Passports or ID cards
  • Birth certificates
  • Certificates of divorce/widowed if previously married (women need to be single for at least 300 days)
  • Nulla Osta (a certificate of no impediments to celebrate the wedding)

Documents may need to be translated and verified, depending on your country of citizenship and residency. You’ll also need to get an interpreter for your ceremony if you don’t speak Italian.

For many couples, having their legal wedding in Italy isn’t as important as having a relaxed and stress-free time. For that reason, a lot of couples choose to have their legal ceremony at home and plan a symbolic ceremony in Italy that’s more personal to them.

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Incredible Tuscany Wedding & Elopement Locations

There isn’t such a thing as the perfect location, as we know that each couple has a different style and vision for their wedding day. However, we asked the local experts and these were their top recommendations:

Val D’Orcia

Val d’Orcia, nestled in the heart of Tuscany, is a picturesque region known for its rolling hills, cypress-lined roads, and charming medieval villages. Its breathtaking landscapes, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, provide a stunning backdrop for intimate elopements. Imagine exchanging vows amidst the region’s vineyards, ancient castles, and idyllic countryside. Remember those breathtaking scenes in the movie Gladiator? That’s Val D’Orcia.

Bride and groom stand on a stone wall at sunset kissing with cypress trees behind them
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Chianti Region

Chianti, renowned for its vineyards and charming countryside, offers an exquisite setting for elopements and intimate weddings. The region’s rolling hills, historic estates, and picturesque villages provide a serene and intimate atmosphere. Enjoy the understated elegance of its landscapes, complemented by exceptional local wines and authentic Tuscan cuisine.

Bride and groom walk hand in had through vineyards in Chianti region in Tuscany at sunset
Lucy Lloyd Jones

Apuan Alps

The Apuan Alps, with their dramatic peaks and breathtaking vistas, provide a stunning and unique setting for elopements. This lesser-known gem in Tuscany offers a mix of rugged natural beauty and serene landscapes. Exchange vows amidst majestic mountain peaks, lush forests, and charming alpine villages, ensuring an unforgettable and picturesque backdrop for your special day.


Florence, with its rich history and artistic heritage, is an enchanting destination for elopements. The city’s Renaissance architecture, iconic landmarks like the Duomo and Ponte Vecchio, and picturesque cobblestone streets create a romantic and timeless atmosphere. While Florence is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from around the world to its world-class museums, galleries, and historic sites, it also offers secluded corners and intimate settings perfect for a private celebration. You can enjoy your special day surrounded by exquisite art, renowned cuisine, and the charm of Tuscany, making Florence an unforgettable backdrop for your elopement.

Bride and groom stand on a terrace overlooking the Duomo in Florence Italy
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Siena, with its medieval charm and stunning architecture, is an ideal location for elopements. Known for its beautifully preserved historic center and the iconic Piazza del Campo, Siena offers a romantic and timeless setting. Despite being a popular tourist destination, the city retains a tranquil and intimate atmosphere, perfect for an intimate celebration.


Volterra, perched on a hill in Tuscany, is a captivating destination for elopements with its blend of ancient history and breathtaking scenery. Known for its well-preserved Etruscan walls, medieval architecture, and stunning views of the surrounding countryside, Volterra offers a unique and romantic setting. The town’s tranquil atmosphere, away from the more tourist-heavy areas, provides an intimate backdrop for a special celebration.

The Tuscan Coastline

While many people think of Tuscany as the region of rolling hills and historical cities, Tuscany offers several beautiful beach destinations that are perfect for elopements and intimate weddings too. Some of the most enchanting ones include:

  1. Elba Island: Known for its crystal-clear waters and stunning beaches, Elba Island provides a romantic and secluded setting. Its diverse landscapes, from sandy shores to rugged cliffs, offer various picturesque spots for an intimate ceremony.
  2. Viareggio: This lively coastal town is famous for its long, sandy beaches and charming Art Nouveau architecture. Viareggio combines the beauty of the sea with the convenience of excellent amenities, making it a delightful choice for a beach elopement.
  3. Castiglione della Pescaia: A picturesque seaside town with pristine beaches and a charming medieval center. The combination of its beautiful coastline and historical ambiance creates a unique and memorable setting for an elopement.
  4. Forte dei Marmi: Known for its upscale vibe and elegant beach clubs, Forte dei Marmi offers a sophisticated and stylish backdrop for a beach wedding. Its golden sands and clear waters make it a favorite among couples seeking a luxurious coastal celebration.

Tuscany has some really beautiful islands and coastal areas that are often overlooked but also within easy reach, especially for an elopement. But if you’re planning on a seaside elopement, make sure you avoid August and early September because those places will be packed and prices will be a little bit through the roof.

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10 Incredible Venues in Tuscany for Intimate Weddings

While some couples choose to have a “just us” elopement, we know that many couples want to have their closest family and friends with them to celebrate this important milestone.

If you’re dreaming of having an intimate wedding ceremony in Tuscany, these are our top venue recommendations for weddings with under 50 guests:

Villa Cora, Florence

Situated within a historic garden overlooking the Boboli Gardens, Villa Cora epitomizes 19th-century luxury and aristocratic grandeur. Over the years, it has welcomed the world’s elite, including Princess Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III, and the renowned French pianist Claude Debussy, making it a favored venue for distinguished international visitors.

Villa Cora Interior
Screenshot from https://villacora.it/en/

Locanda in Tuscany

Nestled within the rolling hills of Tuscany, this charming venue offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable celebration. From intimate ceremonies to cozy receptions, their dedicated team will ensure that every aspect of your micro-wedding is flawlessly executed. Indulge in exquisite cuisine crafted from the finest local ingredients, sip on world-class wines, and dance under the stars creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Locanda – Love Folio Photography

Borgo Santo Pietro, Siena

Nestled in the heart of Tuscany, Relais Borgo Santo Pietro has a storied past as a sanctuary for medieval pilgrims. Today, it marries the essence of a five-star luxury hotel and spa with a farm-to-table ethos across its sprawling 300-acre estate. With an 800-year-old history, this boutique farmhouse hotel exudes a warm ambiance, inviting guests to unwind in well-loved leather armchairs by crackling fires, admire fresh blooms sourced from the gardens, and savor fine wines from its brick-lined cellar, featuring an array of boutique labels.

Borgo Saro Pietro – Love Folio Photography

Il Verreno, Arezzo

Set amidst the serene landscapes of Tuscany, Il Verreno offers a tranquil haven for weary souls seeking rejuvenation. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery and offering delectable cuisine, our retreat provides easy access to both cultural and sporting pursuits. Our spacious suites blend contemporary design with Tuscan heritage, prioritizing comfort and relaxation. Located in the picturesque region of south Chianti, Il Verreno combines the laid-back ambiance of a country estate with the impeccable service of a luxury hotel.

Il Verreno – Love Folio Photography

Tenuta Casenuove, Chianti

Just 40 minutes from Florence, Tenuta Casenuove is a sprawling estate in Chianti, near Panzano, offering a quintessential Tuscan countryside experience. With rolling hills, olive trees, lemon groves, and a meticulously restored villa adorned with original frescoes, it’s an enchanting setting for intimate weddings. A quaint stone chapel onsite adds to the charm, providing a picture-perfect spot to say “I do.”

Screenshot from https://tenuta-casenuove.com/

Castelfalfi, Montaione

Imagine a haven of serenity where time stands still and noise fades away to birdsong. A retreat from the world nestled in the natural beauty of Tuscany. A dreamland where you can stroll around an elegant medieval hamlet, catching glimpses of the castle as you pass enchanting stone cottages that whisper stories of long ago. A place for taking time to watch the sunrise over misty vineyards and then, come evening, gaze at the vast night sky, aperitivo in hand.

Screenshot from https://www.castelfalfi.com/live

The Lazy Olive, Asciano

This rustic country villa is a great sustainable options for couples looking to enjoy an incredible organic Tuscan farm-to-table experience as part of their intimate wedding celebration.

Screenshot from https://www.thelazyolive.com/

Castello di Gabbiano, Chianti

Perched majestically amidst the rolling hills of Tuscany, Castello di Gabbiano stands as a timeless symbol of elegance and history. This enchanting castle, dating back centuries, exudes an aura of grandeur and romance. Surrounded by lush vineyards and olive groves, it offers a captivating backdrop for unforgettable moments. The castle’s stately architecture, adorned with ivy-clad walls and imposing towers, evokes a sense of medieval splendor.

Screenshot from https://www.castellogabbiano.it/

Il Salviatino, Florence

A former Renaissance villa dating back to the 15th century nestled in the Florentine hills, Il Salviatino offers an intimate setting with just 39 rooms and suites, ideal for couples seeking a wedding closer to Florence. Its outdoor terrace boasts breathtaking views of the Duomo, perfect for scenic receptions, while expert planners can arrange everything from starlit barbecues to romantic picnic receptions, ensuring a truly unforgettable experience.

Screenshot from https://salviatino.com/en/

Hotel Il Pellicano, Porto Ercole

While Tuscany is often associated with rolling vineyards and medieval castles, Hotel Il Pellicano offers a different coastal perspective. Nestled in a secluded bay, it exudes Amalfi Coast vibes without the crowds, providing an intimate setting for weddings away from the tourist bustle.

Screenshot from https://www.hotelilpellicano.com/

Tuscany isn’t (always) the warm, sunny paradise that someone wants to sell to you. It rains here! And it can be chilly in the evening, especially if you’re getting married in spring or in late summer and fall. So prepare for bad weather and invest in blankets. Pick a venue where you can use the indoor spaces and make sure you love those indoor spaces too, in case bad weather requires you to use them. At the same time, when it’s warm, it can be really warm, to the point that sometimes an indoor ceremony is most definitely a good idea, because the light can be really harsh. Having a venue with a plan b that you don’t just like but love is going to make all the difference.

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Basilica of San Miniato al Monte in Florence – Love Folio Photography

Activities to Enjoy During Your Tuscan Elopement or Honeymoon

The activities you can do during your elopement or honeymoon in Tuscany are practically endless. But here are some of our top recommendations:

  • Wine tasting or vineyard tour
  • Olive oil tasting 
  • Cycling through the hills
  • Hire a typical vintage Italian car or Vespa and have a nice tour through the countryside
  • Visit a traditional wine cellar 
  • Walk a portion of the Via Francigena and enjoy sightseeing in some mediaeval villages. 
  • Stop for a nice gelato
  • Enjoy an aperitivo with Aperol Spritz as the sun sets
  • Take a cooking class
  • Visit a museum or art gallery
  • Take a painting class
  • Wander the streets of one of Tuscany’s incredible historic cities
  • Horse riding
  • Spa days

How much does it cost to elope in Tuscany?

Budgeting for a wedding in Italy is in many ways no different to planning one anywhere else. The more extravagant and luxurious your choices are, and the larger your guest list, the more it’s going to cost. However, while Italy isn’t the cheapest country to get married in Europe (after all, it has a reputation to uphold 😉 ), that doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful celebration to fit your budget.

Intimate Weddings

For intimate weddings with 50-80 guests, you are probably looking at a minimum of €35.000 – €40.000, excluding accommodation. Hiring a venue can cost anything between €5.000 and €10.000 per day (and these are average prices). When budgeting for a destination wedding on top of the venue costs, you need to think about the trips to and from your destination country (you may travel there at least twice if you are visiting the venue before the wedding, so think about extra flights and accommodation costs for those trips too), the costs for the catering, the flowers and decorations, the music, the transports to and from the venue, the makeup artist, the celebrant, the bar, the DJ, lighting, plan B options, a wedding planner.. (the list is long!).


If you are not ready to spend all this money on just one day, why not invest in an exciting trip around Europe or Italy instead and elope instead? You can plan an incredible life experience tailored to your needs and passions, get married and still save money! And who says you can’t use part of the money you saved for a big, informal party back home with family and friends? In Tuscany, it’s possible to have a beautiful elopement day for under €10,000 including your travel, accommodation and all your elopement vendors.

Hiring Vendors for Your Tuscany Elopement

When you’re planning your elopement or intimate wedding in Tuscany, there are a few key vendors that you might want to book.

We recommend reaching out to wedding planners and photographers as the first step, as they are usually the best people to help recommend and connect you with any other vendors that you might be looking for, such as hair & makeup artists, a celebrant, florist, cake desiner or private chef.

Tuscany may seem like an easy place to get married that caters well to tourists, and for the most part, it is. However, locals will know the place inside out and its innermost characteristics – weather, logistics, even hidden spots and scenery, like real ones – so you really want to have a team of local vendors to get that unique local vibe, if that’s what you’re after. This will most likely save you time, headaches, and possibly money too.

Love Folio Photography
Love Folio Photography

Tips for Epic Elopement Photos in Tuscany

While you might be challenged to find an unphotogenic backdrop in Tuscany, there are some considerations you can make so make sure the photos you have to remember your elopement are every bit as dreamy and romantic as the ones that inspired you to elope in Tuscany in the first place.

  1. Choose sunrise or sunset for a romantic golden glow
    Not only can it be extremely hot during the day in Tuscany, but the bright mid-day sun isn’t the most flattering. Sunrise and sunset are the best times of day to get that stunning golden glow you see in many photos.
  2. Hire a local photographer
    Hire an incredible local photographer and let them guide you to the best locations and advise you on the best timeline for photos.
  3. Opt for unknown locations over famous sites
    While famous landmarks are famous for a reason, that can also mean they can be busy. If you want to enjoy a stress-free elopement day that feels more private, let your local vendor team recommend alternative locations that are away from the tourist crowds. Alternatively, consider getting up early and visiting popular locations at sunrise before most tourists get there.
  4. Pick a photographer/videographer you vibe with
    We really recommend working with locals, as you’ll be privy to their extensive local knowledge and connections, which can be invaluable in planning your elopement day. But we also know how important it is to find vendors that you feel completely comfortable with too. When you feel comfortable around your vendor team, you’ll relax more and forget they are even there.

Tuscany Travel Tips

Tuscany is served by several airports catering to both domestic and international travelers. Among the closest options, Florence Airport (Peretola) and Pisa International Airport (Galileo Galilei) stand out as key gateways to the region. Florence Airport, conveniently located near the city of Florence, is ideal for travelers heading to central Tuscany, while Pisa Airport serves as a major hub for accessing the western part of the region, including cities like Pisa, Lucca, and the coastal areas of Versilia.

For international travelers, both Florence and Pisa airports offer connections from the United States. Pisa Airport typically provides more extensive international routes, including direct flights from major cities in the USA. Florence Airport, while offering fewer direct options, still facilitates international travel, often with layovers in other European cities. These airports play a crucial role in connecting Tuscany to the rest of the world, allowing visitors to experience the region’s rich culture, history, and natural beauty.

Getting Around

Italy not only has a number of international airports, but it has a really good (and cheap) train network between cities and many larger towns.

For train tickets, we recommend checking these sites to find the best deals:

If your plans are to get lost, you definitely need a car (reliable one – that cute vintage car, that’s for your wedding. Moped is a no no. Just for a cute photoshoot perhaps). For those not planning on venturing into the countryside, Tuscany has a really good and cheap local train system that connects the above said smaller cities and towns and can even take you to the seaside if you wish to go. Cities also have local buses, how good they are depends on the city itself, but most historical cities like Siena are walkable – in fact, even Florence is walkable! Just wear comfy shoes and you’re good.

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Trains in Italy are good if you want to travel from big cities to big cities (Rome to Florence, Florence to Milan etc..), but to travel within Tuscany, the best thing to do is to rent a car.

While there are places around Italy where we strongly advise against it, to all the couples that wish to visit this corner of the world we recommend relying on their own means of transport instead: finding parking spots is not as tricky as it is in other destinations around our country, everything is within a short drive distance; also, with a car you can travel to some pretty amazing little places that are absolutely worth a visit and that cannot be reached otherwise. Plus, driving here is not as stressful as it is in other parts of Italy (of course, always bearing in mind that when it comes to driving, Italy is so very special, no matter where you go!).

Benni Carol Photography

Search AutoEurope for the best car rental deals in Europe

Choosing Accommodation in Tuscany

Finding the perfect accommodation when you’re travelling in Tuscany is a challenge – simply because you’ll be spoiled for choice. You can find a wide range of accommodation to suit your preferences and budget. Here are some popular options:

  1. Luxury Villas and Castles: Tuscany is renowned for its opulent villas and historic castles, offering a luxurious and exclusive experience amidst breathtaking landscapes.
  2. Boutique Hotels: Charming boutique hotels are scattered throughout Tuscany, often housed in renovated historic buildings and offering personalized service and unique atmospheres.
  3. Agriturismi: These are farm stays where guests can experience rural life in Tuscany while enjoying comfortable accommodations and homemade meals prepared with local ingredients.
  4. Bed and Breakfasts: Tuscany is dotted with quaint bed and breakfasts, providing cozy accommodations often with homemade breakfasts and a more intimate atmosphere.
  5. Rural Retreats: For those seeking peace and tranquility, there are many rural retreats tucked away in the Tuscan countryside, offering secluded accommodations surrounded by nature.
  6. City Apartments: In larger cities like Florence and Siena, you can find apartments available for short-term rentals, providing a convenient and flexible accommodation option for exploring the city.
  7. Camping and Glamping: For outdoor enthusiasts, there are campsites and glamping sites across Tuscany, allowing guests to immerse themselves in nature while still enjoying comfortable accommodations.

We warmly recommend staying in smaller cities like Prato, Lucca, Pistoia, or Arezzo. They are big enough to easily connect you to the main landmarks and cities if you want to visit, but will have more of an off the beaten path vibe, while offering you all the basic services you need and some genuine local amenities. 

Love Folio Photography
Love Folio Photography

How to embrace sustainability and responsible travel into your Tuscany Elopement

  1. Embrace living like a local
    Embrace the local ways of life and adjust to the flow of life in the region, avoiding the touristy areas. Don’t expect everything to cater to your habits from back home. These simple tricks will get you into the spirit of the place in no time.
  2. Remember real people live here
    I can’t stress this enough, this is a real place, with real people living and working here. It’s not just a pretty background.
  3. Don’t fly in your team!
    Hire passionate local people to work on your event gives back to the communities and territory. Do your due diligence and talk to local vendors, without giving in to stereotypes or fears. Most professional vendors will speak English and will be thrilled to help make your day super special. By doing that you’re taking a socially sustainable approach to your elopement or wedding.
  4. Ignore Viral Trends
    Forget the word viral and actively avoid what everyone else seems to be doing. Overcrowding and overtourism are becoming a serious issue, one that will definitely bother you and also constantly bothers the local communities. Don’t queue for hours for a viral schiacciata sandwich. Invest your time in exploring further and getting into every nook and cranny of this beautiful territory. Blend in with the region. Spend your time living like a Tuscan person and not like a tourist or a social media influencer. 
    (Tips from Love Folio)
  5. Explore by Bike
    While we recommend hiring a car, we know it’s not the most sustainable form of transport. However, one thing you can certainly do is to reach a place by car (for example the countryside) and then go around it and travel through it by bicycle. Tuscany is renowned in Italy for its endless wide roads and bicycle lanes, cycling here is a huge thing and if you travel in Spring or Autumn, it’s something you will undoubtedly love doing!
    (Tip from Benni Carol)
  6. Avoid Airbnb & other short-term rentals in historic cities like Florence
    Whilst Airbnbs are a great way of finding cute villas and holiday apartments, in the cities they have been criticized for contributing to the housing crisis. Instead, look for locally run hotels and B&Bs.
Benni Carol Photography

Frequently Asked Questions About Eloping in Tuscany

Do I need a wedding planner for my Tuscany elopement?

This comes down to personal choice. For elopements, there can be much less to organize than a larger wedding, however, there might still be aspects that you would prefer a local planner to arrange for you so that you don’t need to worry about anything. Local knowledge and connections are extremely valuable, especially when you’re planning the best day of your lives in a country where you’re not native speakers. Planners can help you navigate and language or cultural differences, to make sure nothing gets lost in translation. Alternatively, many elopement photographers now offer planning assistance or work in partnership with local planners to make the whole process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

What’s the best way to pay wedding vendors in Italy?

When you’re dealing with cross-border and cross-currency payments, things can start to get complicated. Many banks charge high transaction fees and sometimes take out additional fees from your payments, which can lead to uncomfortable conversations with suppliers about who should pay these. To make everything smooth and easy, we recommend using Wise. You can get a free Wise account for cross-currency transfers with low fees, and a Wise Visa card for payments while you are in Italy.

➡️ Learn more about paying overseas wedding vendors

Real-Life Tuscany Elopement Stories

Meet Your Tuscany Experts

Benni & Carol

Website: Benni Carol Photography
Insta: @bennicarol

Benni Carol Photography is an Italy-based intimate wedding and elopement photography and planning duo, run by sisters Benni and Carol. We specialise in creating eco-friendly and adventurous wedding experiences in stunning Italian locations, crafting adventures in alternative locations in the most famous destinations, as well as unique experiences in more off-the-beaten-track places in Italy. Our business and approach towards elopements and intimate weddings has a strong focus on sustainability.

Aggie & Margherita

Website: Love Folio Photography
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We are Aggie & Margherita. Together, we have been running Love Folio as its founders and main photographers since 2013. We both grew up in Tuscany, but we are also based in Milan and Rome. We work with a network of talented photographers who help us run the busy schedule of our wedding seasons, providing outstanding wedding photography services to couples from all around the world.

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