7 Reasons You Might Want To Elope

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Planning a wedding can be expensive, stressful and overwhelming. In between the pressure of finding your dream dress, looking for the perfect venue, deciding who to invite and the dreaded seating arrangements, it’s not surprising that so many couples are saying NO to big weddings.

Marriage isn’t just about having a wedding. It’s about the commitments you are making to each other. So if you’re secretly thinking “yeah, wedding planning is getting us down”, let’s discuss just some reasons you might want to elope instead:

It’s Super Easy!

Let’s start with the most basic reason; eloping is super easy! You don’t need to spend months and years planning the perfect day. Unlike weddings, elopements can be planned in just a few weeks. Just pick a meaningful spot to elope; it could be as simple as a breathtaking spot you found during a hike together or a country you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Hire a photographer to document the adventure, book your travel and go!

An Elopement is Unique & Personal

An elopement is so much more intimate and personal than a traditional wedding. You have zero limitations because you only have to think about yourself and not the guests. Each elopement can be tailored to you as a couple, only including the things you want, and nothing you don’t!

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You Can Focus Completely On Each Other

The number one reason why couples decide to elope is because they want to focus on each other. Eloping allows you to enjoy the moments together and be fully present. You don’t have to worry about the guests, the decor, the food or the floral arrangements. You can just enjoy spending time together.

Less Family Drama

Not every family relationship is sunshine and rainbows. Since an elopement is intimate, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You get to play by your own rules and have an elopement that reflects who you are. For some couples, it means no guests at all, while other couples would prefer to have a small group of their close friends and family members present.

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It’s More Budget Friendly

Weddings are stressful because they can get super expensive, and we don’t believe anyone should feel pressured to spend money or go into debt from it. By choosing to elope, you’re eliminating many of the most expensive aspects of a wedding, such as the venue and the food, which means you can spend your budget on things that you actually want, like a trip to Europe and a fantastic photographer to capture the adventure for you 😉

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You Want An Intimate Adventure

An elopement is a chance to have a crazy, once-in-a-lifetime adventure! Run away to a secret location, get on a helicopter, ride a horse in the desert; the possibilities are endless. Elopements are fun, non-traditional and a testament to the kind of relationship you two have.

You Want To Avoid Religious or Cultural Clashes

When you and your partner are from different cultural or religious backgrounds, planning a wedding can get complicated, especially if your families are expecting something more traditional or in a house of worship. Eloping doesn’t mean turning your back on your religion or heritage if they are important to you. It just allows you to take the pressure off, and only include the aspects that align with you and your beliefs.

Are you planning an elopement, or have you already eloped? We’d love for you to share your own reasons in the comments, to help others who might be struggling to decide what’s right for them.

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