Broekpolder nature reserve, Netherlands anniversary session

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When your anniversary is coming up and it’s snowing in The Netherlands, you plan a last minute anniversary photo session!
Jojanneke and Jaap-Jene both love being outdoors, are sporty and love traveling. Cowboy boots are her favorite (she even wore them on her wedding day) and so we created a session that was completely them in an area that they love spending time in. With lots of denim, cowboy boots for both of them and warm jackets and blankets (because it was seriously freezing cold), this session oozes winter romance.

How was the location chosen?

Jojanneke and Jaap-Jene both love being outdoors. Nature and outdoor activities are their jam so naturally for their session we had to pick something that suited them to a T.
This nature reserve, called the Broekpolder, it covers an area of about 400 hectares and is known for its diverse landscapes, including wetlands, meadows, forests, and lakes.

In Broekpolder, you can find Scottish Highland cattle, also known as Highland cows. These iconic animals are known for their long, shaggy hair and impressive horns. In Broekpolder, the Highland cows play an important role in maintaining the landscape by grazing on the vegetation, helping to promote biodiversity and maintain the natural balance of the area.
They made a wonderful addition to a few of the images while we were out there and the couple always love spending time in this gorgeous part of Vlaardingen.

How did the couple meet?

Jojanneke and Jaap-Jene grew up as next door neighbors. They had known each other for 12 years when they started dating and haven’t looked back since.
They said I do in 2012 during a stunning outdoor wedding ceremony at an old Fort in The Netherlands.

The vendors:

Photography: Anouschka Rokebrand Photography
Hair & make-up: Marianne Roza for The Beautiful Bride Company
Florals: Bloom Your Life

the photos:

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