Glencoe, Scotland elopement

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When you think of Scottish elopements – you think moody, muted, earthy, serious vibes.
What’s different about Cheyenne + Caleb was the contrast of their colorful and joyful vibe set against the stoic landscape of Glencoe
They made their decision to elope in Scotland around the idea of where they would most look like “two wanderers traversing through a magical elven land”. Choosing Glencoe because “Because it speaks to our sense of adventure and from far away we’d look like two hobbits on their way to Mordor. I’m Samwise, she’s Frodo.”
Misty mountains was a must for them, not that the weather can be guaranteed but it did mean they (and their family) were up before sunrise to maximize the chances (luckily they got some)
This sweet Texan pair brought their family along for the adventure – even their 80+-year-old granny climbed a steep hill just after sunrise to be present on their day. Each person added their own handfasting cord to their ceremony to create an uber handfasting knot!
After scaling a waterfall, the couple returned to their castle accommodation for afternoon tea. Like posh elves.

What makes Glencoe a great elopement location? Why should other couples consider it for their elopement?

From Raini, the photographer: When couples close their eyes and think of Scotland, it usually looks most similar to Glencoe. It’s one of those incredibly special places that makes you feel incredibly close to the history and heritage of Scotland. I think it’s that feeling (as well as the jaw-dropping landscapes) that keep couples coming back here again and again to elope. It’s wildly romantic!

What advice would you give to couples who aren’t sure whether to include family/friends in their elopement or not?

From Raini, the photographer: It’s such a personal decision and it has to be the right one for you two and you two alone. Some couples feel like their wedding day would be incomplete without their nearest and dearest present. Whereas other couples might find it stressful (especially when eloping overseas) to balance their own desires with the expectations from guests. The best advice I can give is to be honest with yourselves – will you have a better experience with or without them on the day? (Try not to think about the reactions or planning that will happen before or after – that should come second to your own wedding day experience!)

What sustainability considerations are particularly important in this area?

Glencoe is a popular tourist and elopement destination which comes with the usual concerns about over-tourism. But this relatively well-managed by the land itself due a lack of parking and a lack of opportunity to expand parking. An attraction in the area is seeing deer – unfortunately this can lead to deer being fed by excitable tourists which is a danger to humans, deer and the landscape. Our Freedom to Roam act in Scotland means that we can ramble around public lands like Glencoe without too many restrictions as long as we follow the Outdoor Access Code and treat the land respectfully.

What are your top tips for planning an elopement at this location/in this area?

Don’t elope here in the summer season! It’s busy with tourists, other elopers and midges (flying biting insects). 
Hire someone local who can help you get off the beaten path and avoid the tourist traps at peak times. They will also know how to keep you safe on one of those infamous rainy windy days in Scotland!
The land is owned by National Trust for Scotland but a permit system is not enforced here for elopements.

The vendors:

Photography: Raini Rowell
Dress: Legend Bridal
Officiant: Onie Tibbitt
Handfasting cord: Ceotha Cords
Accommodation: Inverlochy Castle Hotel

the photos:

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