The Best Places To Elope in Europe

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Are you planning an elopement in Europe? From stunning coastal cliffs to rustic mountain views, there are so many incredible places to choose from. But which destination is best for your dreamy European elopement?

To help make this decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top picks of best places to elope in Europe. Whether you’re looking for wild and rugged nature or chic city vibes, we’ve got you covered in this guide with the best places to elope in Europe.

Where Are The Best Places To Elope in Europe?

For this post, we’ve highlighted 19 of the best countries to elope to in Europe, giving you a brief overview on each on.

So let’s get started:

Lofoten Norway elopement couple stands on a dock with fjords, yellow fishing huts and snow-capped mountains behind
Image by Wild Connections Photography


Norway is an ideal destination for couples looking to elope in Europe. With its stunning natural beauty, Norway offers a romantic backdrop for your special day. From majestic fjords and glaciers to rolling hills and lush forests, the country provides plenty of options for outdoor ceremonies or private intimate settings.

Norway’s landscape is breathtakingly beautiful with dramatic mountain peaks, deep valleys, pristine lakes and rivers, cascading waterfalls and rugged coastline – all of which make it perfect for an unforgettable elopement experience. Whether you’re looking for a secluded spot surrounded by nature or a more urban setting with city views, Norway has something to offer everyone.

In addition to the incredible scenery that makes up Norway’s landscape there are also plenty of activities available in this Nordic nation. From skiing down powdery slopes in wintertime to exploring caves during summer months – there’s no shortage of things to do here. For those who prefer staying indoors there are numerous museums showcasing Norwegian culture as well as galleries featuring local artworks from talented artists around the country.

When planning your elopement in Norway it’s important to keep weather conditions in mind since they can vary greatly depending on where you go within the country. In general though temperatures tend be milder along coastal areas while inland regions may experience colder winters with snowfall at higher elevations throughout much of the year. It’s best to check forecasts ahead of time so you know what kind of clothing will be necessary when packing for your trip.

Norway is an amazing destination for eloping couples, with its stunning natural beauty and romantic atmosphere. Now let’s explore Iceland – a place known for its otherworldly landscapes and incredible outdoor activities.


Iceland is an ideal destination for couples looking to elope. With its stunning landscapes, unique culture, and friendly locals, Iceland offers a truly unforgettable experience for those seeking something different from the traditional wedding ceremony.

Iceland’s breathtaking scenery provides endless opportunities for beautiful elopement photos. From the towering glaciers of Vatnajökull National Park to the black sand beaches of Reynisfjara and Svartifoss waterfall in Skaftafell National Park, there are plenty of awe-inspiring locations that will make your special day even more memorable.

Icelandic culture is rich with tradition and folklore that can be incorporated into your elopement celebration. Whether you choose to exchange vows at a local church or opt for a private ceremony in nature, you’ll find plenty of ways to add meaningful touches that reflect Icelandic customs and beliefs.

The people of Iceland are known for their hospitality and welcoming attitude towards visitors from all over the world, making it easy to feel right at home on your big day. You may even get lucky enough to meet some friendly locals who can help guide you through planning your perfect elopement celebration in this amazing country.

Iceland is a stunningly beautiful place for an elopement, with its rugged mountains and majestic waterfalls. For those looking for something more traditional, Scotland offers a wide range of venues from historic castles to romantic lochs.

Austria Elopement by Wild Connections Photography
Elopement in Tirol Austria by Wild Connections Photography


Austria is an incredibly romantic destination for couples looking to elope in Europe. With its stunning alpine landscapes, picturesque villages, and vibrant cities, it offers a wealth of options for couples who want to make their special day truly memorable.

When considering Austria as a potential elopement destination, there are several factors that should be taken into account.

Firstly, the country has some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Europe – from snow-capped mountains to rolling hillsides and lush forests – making it ideal for outdoor ceremonies or intimate photo shoots.

Additionally, many Austrian towns and cities boast charming cobblestone streets lined with colorful buildings that can provide an idyllic backdrop for wedding photos.

Couples can choose to incorporate traditional elements such as dirndl dresses or lederhosen into their ceremony if they wish; alternatively they could opt for something more modern like a city hall ceremony in Vienna or Salzburg followed by dinner at one of the country’s renowned restaurants serving up local delicacies like Wiener schnitzel or goulash soup.

When compared with Switzerland – another popular alpine European elopement destination – Austria has certain advantages when it comes to cost effectiveness too. Accommodation tends to be cheaper than across the border while the mountain views and city vibes are still just as amazing.

In addition, there are no residency requirements necessary when getting married here so couples don’t need worry about having paperwork ready before their big day arrives!


Scotland is one of the top destinations for couples looking to elope in Europe. With its breathtaking landscapes, dramatic coastlines, and ancient castles, Scotland offers an unforgettable backdrop for your special day. Whether you’re dreaming of a traditional ceremony in a castle or a wild adventure on the Isle of Skye, Scotland has something to offer every couple.

For those seeking an outdoor wedding with spectacular views, there are plenty of options available in Scotland. The country boasts some of Europe’s most stunning scenery – from the rolling hills and glens of the Highlands to the rugged cliffs along the coastline. You can exchange vows atop one of Scotland’s many mountains or take advantage of its vast array of lochs and rivers for an intimate ceremony by water. For those who want something truly unique, why not consider getting married at one of Scotland’s many historic sites? From Edinburgh Castle to Stirling Castle, these iconic locations provide couples with beautiful backdrops that will make their elopement even more memorable.

Scotland is also one of the easiest European countries for getting legally married in. Many couples choose a humanist ceremony, which can take place anywhere, and submitting the paperwork is relatively straightforward.


Greece is a stunning destination for couples looking to elope. With its romantic Mediterranean setting, ancient ruins, and breathtaking landscapes, it’s no wonder that Greece has become one of the most popular destinations for couples who want to tie the knot in an intimate ceremony.

The country offers something for everyone – from beach-side weddings on the islands of Santorini or Mykonos to more traditional ceremonies in Athens or Thessaloniki. Couples can choose from a variety of venues including chapels, churches, gardens and other outdoor spaces such as vineyards or olive groves.

Greece also boasts some incredible scenery that makes it perfect for wedding photos. From picturesque beaches with crystal clear waters to rugged mountainscapes and rolling hillsides covered in wildflowers – there’s something here for every couple’s vision of their dream day.

Greece also offers plenty of activities for newlyweds looking to explore after they say “I do”. Whether you prefer relaxing on the beach all day or exploring ancient sites like Delphi and Olympia, there are plenty of options available. Many resorts offer special packages specifically designed with elopement couples in mind so you can make sure your big day is everything you dreamed it would be without breaking the bank.

Amalfi Coast Italy elopement bride and groom kiss with the sunset over the ocean and cliffs behind them
Image by Wild Connections Photography


Italy is a beautiful and romantic destination for couples who are looking to elope in Europe. With its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and unique wedding venues, Italy offers something special for every couple.

For those looking to get married in the countryside of Italy, Tuscany is an ideal location. This region of central Italy has rolling hills dotted with vineyards and olive groves that make it perfect for outdoor weddings or intimate ceremonies at a rustic villa. Couples can also take advantage of the many wineries located throughout Tuscany where they can exchange their vows surrounded by some of the best wines in the world. Tuscany also boasts two of Italy’s most beautiful cities, Florence and Siena.

If you’re dreaming of a city wedding in Italy then Rome might be perfect for you. The Eternal City has been inspiring lovers since ancient times and provides plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect venue for your elopement ceremony – from grand churches like St Peter’s Basilica to small chapels tucked away on cobblestone streets or even rooftop terraces overlooking iconic monuments such as the Colosseum or Trevi Fountain.

The Amalfi Coast should be considered if you’re looking for breathtaking views along with easy access to beaches and crystal-clear waters – this area offers plenty of opportunities for romantic moments together as newlyweds. You could choose one of its cliffside towns such as Positano or Ravello which provide spectacular backdrops against which to say “I do” while still being close enough to enjoy all that coastal life has to offer after your ceremony (think boat rides around Capri Island.).

Of if it’s rugged mountain peaks and adventure that you crave, the Italian Dolomites are every adventurers dream location, with endless opportunities for hiking and climbing in the summer months and skiing in the winter.

No matter what type of Italian elopement experience you’re hoping for, there is no doubt that getting married here will be an unforgettable experience.

Elopement in the French Countryside by Wild Connections Photography
Elopement in the French Countryside by Wild Connections Photography


France is a romantic destination that offers couples the perfect backdrop for their elopement. With its stunning architecture, world-renowned cuisine, and beautiful countryside, France has something to offer everyone. From the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the rolling hills of Provence, the beaches of the French riviera to the high alps, there are plenty of breathtaking locations for an unforgettable elopement experience.

For those looking for a more urban setting for their elopement ceremony, France’s cities have plenty to offer. Paris is one of the most popular elopement destinations in Europe and provides couples with endless possibilities when it comes to choosing a venue or activity. The iconic Eiffel Tower can provide an amazing backdrop for photos. Other French cities such as Nice and Bordeaux also provide unique settings and activities that make them ideal spots for city elopements.

If you’re looking to escape into nature on your special day, then consider planning an elopement in one of France’s rural areas. The Loire Valley is known as “the Garden of France” due to its abundance of vineyards and lush landscapes – making it a great spot for outdoor ceremonies surrounded by natural beauty. Or head south towards Provence where lavender fields stretch out across rolling hillsides creating picturesque scenes that will stay with you forever.


Spain is a popular destination for elopements due to its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture and romantic atmosphere. With so many incredible places to choose from, couples can find the perfect spot for their special day. From the islands of Ibiza and Mallorca to the streets of Barcelona, Spain has something for everyone.

Couples looking for an intimate ceremony will love getting married in one of Spain’s many charming villages or towns. These quaint locations offer beautiful backdrops with cobblestone streets and colorful buildings that are sure to make your wedding photos look amazing.

For those seeking a more adventurous elopement experience, consider saying “I do” on top of one of Spain’s majestic mountain peaks or by a secluded beach along its coastline. Whether you want to exchange vows while taking in breathtaking views or explore hidden coves and secret swimming spots during your honeymoon adventure – Spain has it all.

If you’re looking for some traditional Spanish flair at your wedding celebration then head over to Andalusia where flamenco dancers and guitarists will provide entertainment as well as delicious tapas dishes like paella and sangria that are sure to please any crowd. Or if you prefer something more modern yet still unique then cities like Barcelona have trendy restaurants with innovative menus that feature both classic Spanish flavors as well as international cuisines from around the world.

No matter what type of elopement experience you desire – whether it be small-town charm or big city excitement – Spain offers something special that no other country can match. From stunning landscapes and vibrant culture to romantic atmosphere and unique experiences, Spain has something for everyone. So if you’re looking for an intimate ceremony in a charming village or an adventurous elopement on top of a mountain peak, Spain is the perfect destination for your special day.

Levi, Finland


Finland is a beautiful country that offers couples an amazing elopement destination. With its stunning natural beauty, vibrant culture and friendly people, Finland has something to offer for everyone.

Finland is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in Europe. From the snow-capped mountains of Lapland to the pristine lakes and forests of Southern Finland, there are plenty of romantic spots for couples looking for a picturesque backdrop for their elopement ceremony. The midnight sun during summer months provides extra hours of daylight so you can take advantage of all the incredible views this country has to offer.

There’s no shortage of activities in Finland – from hiking and skiing in wintertime to boating or fishing on one of its many lakes during summer months. You can also explore some unique attractions like Santa Claus Village near Rovaniemi or visit Helsinki’s famous Suomenlinna fortress island. If you want something more adventurous, why not try husky sledding or reindeer safaris?

Finnish culture is rich with traditions such as sauna bathing and Midsummer celebrations that will make your elopement even more special. Foodies will love exploring traditional dishes like salmon soup (lohikeitto) or cloudberry jam (lakkahillo). Finish off your day with a glass (or two.)of local beer at one of Helsinki’s trendy craft breweries before heading back out into nature again.

Whether you’re looking for luxury hotels or cozy cabins in the woods, there’s accommodation options available throughout Finland to suit any budget and taste. For those wanting something truly unique, consider staying overnight in an igloo village under the stars.

Overall, Finland offers engaged couples who love travel a perfect place to say “I do” surrounded by stunning landscapes and memorable experiences they won’t soon forget.

Bride and groom on cliffs in the Faroe Islands
Faroe Islands Elopement by Wild Connections Photography

Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands, located in the North Atlantic Ocean between Norway and Iceland, are an ideal destination for couples looking to elope. With its stunning landscapes of towering cliffs, lush green valleys, and rugged coastline dotted with picturesque villages, the Faroe Islands offer a unique backdrop for your special day.

For those who love nature and outdoor activities, there is plenty to do on the islands. From kayaking around Vestmanna bird cliffs to exploring Torshavn’s historic harbor area or taking a boat trip through the fjords of Streymoy island – you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to discovering all that this beautiful archipelago has to offer.

If you’re looking for something more traditional yet still romantic then why not consider getting married at one of the many churches found throughout the islands? There are several options available ranging from small village chapels nestled amongst rolling hillsides or larger cathedrals in some of the bigger towns such as Klaksvik or Torshavn. The local clergy can help arrange everything from paperwork requirements right up until saying ‘I do’.

Couples wanting something extra special could even choose a private ceremony atop one of the many mountain peaks which provide breathtaking views over miles upon miles of ocean and land below – perfect if you want your wedding photos taken against an unforgettable backdrop.

Finally, if you’re looking for somewhere truly remote then why not consider renting out one of Faroe Island’s famous black houses? These traditional homes built from stone walls and turf roofs have been used by locals since Viking times but now they can also be rented out as holiday accommodation, making them ideal spots for intimate ceremonies away from prying eyes.


With its stunning coastline, quaint towns, and vibrant culture, Croatia offers a unique experience that will make your special day even more memorable.

Croatia has a variety of locations perfect for an elopement wedding. From the historic cities of Dubrovnik and Split to the picturesque islands of Hvar and Korčula, there are plenty of options for couples who want to get married in this beautiful country. The coastal town of Rovinj also provides a romantic backdrop with its cobblestone streets and colorful buildings.

Croatia enjoys warm summers with temperatures ranging from 20-30°C (68-86°F). This makes it an ideal location for outdoor weddings during the months of June through September when days are long and sunny. Winters can be cold but milder than other parts of Europe due to its Mediterranean climate.

Eloping in Croatia is relatively affordable compared to other European countries as prices tend to be lower than average across all categories such as accommodation, food & drink, transportation etc.

There are numerous venues available throughout Croatia that cater specifically towards elopements such as private villas overlooking the Adriatic Sea or small chapels tucked away in hillside villages surrounded by vineyards – perfect for intimate ceremonies with close family members or friends. Additionally, some hotels offer packages tailored towards elopement weddings which include ceremony set up plus accommodations so you don’t have to worry about finding separate vendors yourself.

An Elopement in Ireland by Wild Connections Photography


Ireland is a beautiful and romantic destination for couples looking to elope in Europe. With its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and friendly locals, Ireland offers the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable elopement experience.

From ancient castles and stunning coastline, to modern cityscapes, Ireland has a wide variety of unique venues that are ideal for an intimate elopement ceremony. Couples can choose from traditional Irish pubs or historic churches as well as more contemporary locations such as trendy art galleries or chic hotels. For those who want something truly special, there are also plenty of outdoor options like beaches and forests that provide breathtaking views of the Irish countryside.

In addition to its stunning scenery, Ireland is also known for its rich cultural heritage and history. Couples can explore centuries-old monuments such as Blarney Castle or take part in traditional Gaelic sports like hurling at Croke Park Stadium in Dublin.

There’s also no shortage of music festivals throughout the year where you can enjoy live performances by some of Ireland’s most talented musicians while celebrating your special day with friends and family.

The people of Ireland are renowned for their hospitality and friendliness towards visitors from all over the world – making it one of the best places to plan an elopement wedding in Europe!


With its stunning natural beauty, vibrant culture and rich history, Turkey offers something special for those wanting a unique and memorable experience on their wedding day.

From the snow-capped mountains of the Anatolian Plateau, or the rock formations of Cappadocia, to the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey’s landscape provides plenty of breathtaking backdrops for your elopement.

Whether you’re seeking a romantic beachfront setting or a picturesque mountain view, there are countless options available throughout this diverse country. In addition to its beautiful scenery, Turkey also offers an array of cultural experiences that can be incorporated into your elopement celebration. From traditional Turkish cuisine to folk music performances and more, you’ll find plenty of ways to add some local flavor into your special day.

When it comes time to rest after all that exploring (and celebrating!), there are numerous accommodation options available in Turkey ranging from luxury resorts and boutique hotels to cozy bed & breakfasts and Airbnb rentals.

Additionally, if you’re looking for activities during your stay such as hot air balloon rides or boat cruises along the Bosphorus Strait—both popular pastimes among locals—there are endless possibilities when it comes to making sure every moment spent in this incredible country is one you’ll never forget!

Zermatt elopement by MA Love Photography


Switzerland is a stunningly beautiful country, making it an ideal destination for couples looking to elope.

With its snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys and crystal clear lakes, Switzerland offers breathtaking views that will make your special day even more memorable. From the majestic Matterhorn in Zermatt to the picturesque Lake Lucerne in Central Switzerland, there are plenty of incredible locations to choose from when planning your elopement.

Switzerland is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in Europe. Whether you’re standing atop one of its many mountain peaks or admiring a glacial lake from afar, you’ll be surrounded by stunning natural beauty on all sides. Couples can take advantage of this by exchanging their vows against a backdrop of breathtaking alpine vistas or serene lake shores – perfect for capturing those romantic wedding photos.

In addition to its scenic landscapes and romantic hideaways, Switzerland also boasts vibrant cities full of culture and history. Cities like Zurich and Geneva offer museums dedicated to art and science as well as unique architecture reflecting centuries past – great places for couples who want explore beyond their own love story while they’re here!

You can also find delicious local cuisine such as fondue or raclette at many Swiss restaurants – adding another layer of flavor (literally!) onto your special day!

For adventurous couples who don’t mind getting out into nature together during their elopement experience, then look no further than Switzerland’s diverse range outdoor activities ranging from skiing down slopes covered with fresh powdery snow during wintertime months or hiking up trails lined with wildflowers during summertime months – whatever type adventure suits both partners best!


Portugal is an ideal destination for couples looking to elope in Europe. With its stunning landscapes, romantic cities, and incredible culture, Portugal offers something for everyone.

From the rolling hills of the Alentejo region to the rugged coastline of the Algarve, Portugal has some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Europe. The islands of Madeira and the Azores are also little pieces of paradise waiting to be explored.

If you’re dreaming of getting married in a historic city like Lisbon or Porto, Portugal has plenty to offer too. From cobblestone streets lined with colorful buildings to breathtaking views from atop hilltops and bridges – these cities will provide you with endless photo opportunities and memories that will last a lifetime!

When compared with other European countries, eloping in Portugal can be surprisingly affordable – especially if you opt for an intimate ceremony rather than one filled with guests (which could quickly add up). Plus there are many budget-friendly accommodation options available too so couples don’t have worry about breaking their bank accounts while planning their dream day!

Lake Bled, Slovenia


Slovenia is an increasingly popular destination for couples looking to elope in Europe. With its stunning natural beauty, romantic atmosphere and variety of activities, it’s easy to see why Slovenia is a great choice for an unforgettable wedding experience.

The country of Slovenia offers some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Europe. From the Julian Alps to Lake Bled and the Adriatic Sea, there are endless opportunities for breathtaking backdrops that will make your elopement photos stand out from the rest. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic mountain view or a tranquil lake setting, you can find it here.

Slovenia also has plenty of activities to keep couples busy during their elopement too. Hiking through Triglav National Park or kayaking on Lake Bled are just two ways to explore this gorgeous country together.

For those who prefer something more relaxed, there are numerous wineries and spas scattered throughout Slovenia that offer unique experiences perfect for celebrating your special day with loved ones (or even just each other).

When it comes time to say “I do”, Slovenian towns like Ljubljana provide plenty of romantic venues ideal for exchanging vows surrounded by family and friends (or just yourselves!). There are several historic churches located around town as well as outdoor parks where you can take advantage of nature’s beauty while saying your vows beneath towering trees or beside bubbling streams.

Other popular cities include Maribor which boasts a lively nightlife scene; Koper with its Mediterranean charm; Celje with its medieval architecture; Ptuj which is known for its festivals; Piran situated right next to the sea; Bled renowned for its lake views; Postojna famous for its caves…the list goes on!


The natural beauty of Bulgaria is unparalleled; from snow-capped mountains to rolling hillsides dotted with wildflowers, there are endless possibilities for outdoor exploration here. Whether you’re hiking through ancient forests or taking a leisurely stroll along one of the country’s pristine beaches, you’ll be sure to find breathtaking views around every corner. There are plenty of secluded spots perfect for an intimate ceremony and photos!

In addition to exploring nature during your elopement adventure in Bulgaria, couples can take advantage of all that this vibrant country has to offer by visiting some of its most popular attractions such as Rila Monastery or Plovdiv Old Town – both UNESCO World Heritage Sites – or sampling local cuisine at one of Sofia’s renowned restaurants.

For those seeking more adventurous activities while on their trip abroad, paragliding over Bansko Ski Resort or whitewater rafting down Struma River may just do the trick!

No matter what type of accommodation suits your needs best – whether it’s luxury villas overlooking Black Sea coastlines or cozy mountain cabins tucked away among pine trees – Bulgaria has something special waiting for each couple who decides to make it their wedding destination!

From boutique hotels offering five-star service near major cities like Sofia and Varna to rustic guesthouses located deep within national parks such as Pirin National Park – there are countless options available when planning your dream elopement getaway here!

A street in Valletta, Malta
Valletta, Malta


Malta is a stunning Mediterranean island nation located between Sicily and the North African coast. With its crystal-clear waters, dramatic cliffs, and historic cities, Malta offers couples an idyllic setting for their elopement wedding.

If you’re looking for a more traditional elopement experience then look no further than Malta’s capital city Valletta which is full of history and culture dating back centuries. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to some of the oldest churches in Europe as well as grand palaces and fortresses that provide amazing photo opportunities for your big day!

You can also explore nearby towns such as Mdina (featured in Game of Thrones) where you’ll find cobblestone streets lined with old stone buildings that create an atmosphere unlike any other destination in Europe.

From fresh seafood dishes like lampuki pie (fish stew) to mouthwatering pastizzi (savory pastry pockets filled with ricotta cheese), there are endless delicious options available here that will make your elopement celebration even more memorable.

And don’t forget about Maltese wine – made from local grapes grown on sun-drenched hillsides this unique beverage pairs perfectly with any meal!

Finally, what sets Malta apart from other European destinations is its relaxed atmosphere which makes it ideal for couples who want an intimate yet stress-free wedding experience. With its laidback lifestyle and friendly locals, you won’t have to worry about crowds or long lines at venues – just enjoy each moment together surrounded by beauty and tranquility!

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a stunning destination for couples looking to elope in Europe. With its romantic cobblestone streets, lush forests, and picturesque castles, it’s no wonder why so many couples are choosing the Czech Republic as their dream wedding destination.

The Czech Republic has a rich history that dates back centuries. Its old-world charm can be seen throughout the country’s cities and towns. From Prague Castle to Charles Bridge to St Vitus Cathedral, there are plenty of historical sites for couples to explore on their special day.

The country also boasts some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Europe – from rolling hillsides dotted with vineyards and quaint villages to majestic mountains and pristine lakes.

When it comes to finding a location for your elopement wedding in the Czech Republic, you have plenty of options! There are traditional churches and chapels located throughout the country that offer breathtaking views of its countryside landscape; or if you prefer something more modern, there are chic city venues like rooftop bars or trendy restaurants where you can exchange vows surrounded by friends and family (or just each other!).

If outdoor weddings are more your style, consider getting married at one of the many gardens or national parks scattered across this gorgeous region – they provide perfect backdrops for those special moments.

The local food scene is also vibrant and diverse; whatever your taste buds crave can easily be found here. No matter what type of cuisine you’re into – from hearty stews served with dumplings to delicate pastries filled with sweet cream – there’s something delicious waiting around every corner in this part of Europe.

FAQs in Relation to Best Places to Elope in Europe

Where should I elope Europe?

Europe is a continent full of stunning destinations for elopement weddings. Whether you’re looking for an intimate ceremony on the beach in Greece, or a romantic getaway to the Swiss Alps, Europe has something for everyone. For those seeking breathtaking views and unique experiences, consider Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher or Scotland’s Isle of Skye. If city life is more your style, Paris and Venice offer iconic backdrops with plenty of cultural attractions nearby. For something truly off-the-beaten path, explore Croatia’s Adriatic coast or Norway’s majestic fjords. Wherever you choose to elope in Europe, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Which country is best to elope?

The best country to elope in Europe depends on the couple’s individual preferences. For couples who want a romantic and unique experience, Italy is an excellent choice with its stunning scenery, beautiful architecture, and delicious cuisine. France is also great for its charming villages, picturesque vineyards, and world-renowned art galleries. Scotland offers breathtaking landscapes and castles that are perfect for a fairy tale wedding while Greece provides sun-soaked beaches and ancient ruins to explore together. Ultimately, any of these countries can provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable elopement wedding.

Where is the cheapest to elope?

The cheapest places to elope in Europe are countries like Bulgaria and Croatia. With stunning landscapes, vibrant culture and low cost of living, these are the perfect destinations for couples looking to tie the knot without breaking the bank. The country also offers a variety of romantic venues for your special day, from ancient churches and monasteries to rustic mountain cabins and beachfront resorts. Plus, with direct flights from many major European cities, getting there is easy and affordable.

What countries can you elope?

If you are looking to make your elopement “official” in Europe (i.e. sign the legal paperwork) then there are some restrictions as to which countries you can elope in. But if you are like most couples, who choose to take care of the paperwork at home and plan to exchange vows in Europe, then you can literally choose anywhere! The most popular destinations are probably Italy, Iceland and Scotland but you could opt for more off-the-beaten-track places like Croatia or Slovenia. Each country offers its own special charm and atmosphere.


No matter which of the best places to elope in Europe you choose, your special day will be one that you’ll remember forever. From Norway’s majestic fjords and Iceland’s stunning landscapes to Scotland’s romantic castles and Greece’s picturesque islands, there are so many incredible options for couples looking to elope in Europe. Whether it’s Finland’s enchanting forests or Spain’s vibrant cities, France’s charming villages or Croatia’s hidden gems, each destination offers something unique that can make your elopement wedding truly unforgettable.

Are you dreaming of a romantic European elopement? Look no further! The European Elopement Guide provides all the information and advice needed to plan your perfect elopement wedding in Europe. From stunning locations, expert tips on how to make it special, what paperwork is required and much more – the blog has everything you need for an unforgettable elopement in Europe. Start planning today with our comprehensive guides and resources.

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