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6 Unique Ideas For Your Elopement In The German Alps

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The German Alps is a breathtaking elopement destination that offers a variety of exciting elopement activities. Here are the top six unique ideas for your adventure wedding in the German Alps. 

Take a Brewery Tour 

While eloping in Germany, don’t forget to take part in a brewery tour. In Bavaria, home to the alps, you’ll find nearly half of the country’s breweries. One especially unique aspect of Germany’s beer production is that frequently, monasteries are responsible for the brewing. A few spots worth checking out are Ettaler Klosterbrauerei, Griesbräu zu Murnau, and Schlossbrauhaus Schwangau.

Bride and groom drinking Weissbier in the German Alps on their wedding day
Images by Made in the Mountains Photo

Book an Overnight Stay at a Castle 

What better way to celebrate getting married in Germany than booking an overnight stay at a castle? One of the best places to go is Schloss Elmau. While Schloss Elmau isn’t an old castle, being built just over one hundred years ago, it is one of the most scenic. Situated in a valley, surrounded by sweeping meadows, lakes, and lofty peaks, the setting is nothing short of spectacular. Schloss Elmau is also famous for its wellness spa, an ideal spot to wind down after a long day in the mountains.

SUP Board on One of Germany’s Crystal Clear Lakes

One of the German Alp’s prettiest attractions have to be the countless crystal clear lakes. If you’d love a water-based elopement activity, consider renting a SUP board and paddling to a quiet pebble beach. Some of Germany’s most beautiful elopement locations can be found at the Eibsee, Walchensee, and Chiemsee.

Image by Made in the Mountains Photo

Go Paragliding 

Get your adrenaline pumping by taking an elopement paragliding flight in the German Alps. Paragliding is one of the coolest (and most unique) forms of mountain transportation in the Alps, and there are dozens of companies that offer tandem flights. Can you imagine soaring above lush alpine meadows and quaint villages? A few scenic places to book a paragliding tour include Obsterdorf, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and Tegernsee. 

Stay in a Mountain Hut and Stargaze 

For mountain-loving couples up for an adventurous elopement activity, don’t pass up the opportunity to stay in a mountain hut. Across the Bavarian Alps, you’ll find countless huts situated in high alpine locations. These cozy accommodations are often operated by the German Alpine Club, and offer a place to sleep and warm food. Staying in a mountain hut for your elopement is a great way to experience sunrise or sunset in an epic location, and even stargaze. Some mountain huts can be easily accessed by cable car, so you don’t have to work hard for the unique wedding opportunity.

Hit the Slopes to Ski (or Sled) on Germany’s Tallest Mountain

Germany’s tallest mountain, the Zugspitze, looms over 9,000 feet tall and has a cable car that will take you to the top in just a matter of minutes. For a fun winter elopement activity, consider skiing at the resort located atop the mountain, or else renting sleds and enjoying the groomed toboggan run. The view from the Zugspitze is spectacular, and you’ll be able to see not only much of Germany’s Bavarian Alps, but into Austria, Italy, and Switzerland too. To extend the experience, consider booking a luxury glamping stay at Iglu-Dorf Zugspitze.

What Will You Do During Your German Alps Elopement?

Did any of these ideas spark your interest while planning your elopement in the German Alps? Whether it’s one of the above unique activities, or something else, Bavaria has no shortage of elopement adventures to choose from. 

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