Groom embraces the bride from behind. They are standing on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland with their hair blowing in the wind

Stormy Elopement on the Cliffs of Moher

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Elizabeth & Matt chose to elope in Ireland, as it was their favourite place to travel to together.

Tell us more about you. How did you meet? What about how you got engaged?

We actually met on Tinder but it turns out we knew a lot of the same people as he was just starting a job at the hospital I was working at. Our first date was at a German beer hall in Oklahoma City. After our first date there, Fassler Hall became a traditional date night for us. My grandparents were in town from Canada and Matt surprised me with my brother coming home from University early. Even with a tornado coming towards the Oklahoma City Mero area we had about 20 people there with tulips and Matthew at the end proposing. Because our families were there for our engagement, we also wanted to have them with us in Ireland for our wedding.

Why did you choose Ireland, and the cliffs of Moher for your elopement?

My husband and I knew we didn’t want a “traditional” wedding. We love traveling and wanted to incorporate that into something intimate. We had been to Ireland around Christmas three years previously and loved it! My husband plays rugby so we liked the rugby culture and how friendly and relaxed everyone was. When we started planning it came down between Ireland and New Zealand. We chose Ireland and particularly the Cliffs of Moher because we had been there before so it made planning slightly easier . It was also easier to get to for our family who were traveling with us. Plus the Cliffs of Moher are breathtaking.

Planning was truly a simple process. We didn’t have much to put into place. Cat, our photographer, was flying over from Austria. I found a florist, makeup artist, and hair stylist in a nearby village. In regards to flowers I just needed a bouquet for my sister and I and some flowers for our hair. We stayed in a Lodge in Doolin that was within walking distance to the pub where our reception dinner was at. The pub put together a wonderful meal for 21 of us that consisted of seafood chowder, fish and chips, and Guinness. And the drive to the Cliffs was only about 15 minutes from our lodge then we walked half a mile to the ceremony spot. We used the natural beauty as our backdrop so no decorations were necessary. 

Do you have a favourite moment/memory from the day?

When the sun came out right as we said our vows made for the perfect moment.

Our favourite part was how relaxed the whole day was. We weren’t stressed, we enjoyed getting up and having breakfast together before going our separate ways to get ready. I knew everything would turn out perfectly no matter what because we were in a beautiful county and I was marrying my best friend and love of my life.  I felt like we were able to truly soak in every moment and not worry.

Any funny stories from the day?

It was insanely windy and cloudy and my poor little 7-year-old brother didn’t realize the cliff ended and he ran straight towards it. Matt and I were oblivious since we were so far back but evidently everyone was screaming. At the time it was terrifying but looking back it’s a funny moment.

Bride and groom kiss outside a pub in Doolin Ireland

Advice for other couples who are unsure about whether eloping is the right choice

Focus on WHY you are getting married and don’t stress about the details

I would have to say that if you want to do something different with your wedding, just do it! Elope or have a destination wedding. It is 100% worth it and I’m so grateful we made this decision. Also, focus on why you are getting married and not the extra stuff that goes along with a wedding. I was less stressed because the extra details weren’t important, marrying my best friend was.

Let your guests handle their own travel arrangements

The one thing I would change if I could redo it is, I wouldn’t book plane tickets and hotels for 12 people. I would have everyone just meet there for the day of the wedding. But enjoy that wedding week with my husband without the stress of 10 other people.

have breakfast together To Calm Your Nerves

On the day of the wedding we ate breakfast together before going our separate ways to get ready. This helped ease the nerves and helped make the day more intimate.

Have A First Look

Coming back together for our first look was a precious moment that I will always hold close. It was wonderful to have those few moments alone and to really take each other in.

The Vendors

Photographer – Wild Connections Photography
Accommodation – The Lodge Doolin
Flowers – West Clare Flowers
Makeup – Aoife Garrihy Beauty
Hair – Mimi’s Hair Salon
Dress – WToo Anastasia

The Photos

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