Sommarøy, Norway Midnight Sun elopement

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There are quite a few stunning islands in Northern Norway, and both Sommarøy and Senja are two of the most gorgeous islands in the arctic. Like much of northern Norway, Sommarøy experiences the midnight sun during the summer months, where the sun does not set for several weeks, creating a unique and magical atmosphere.

Emily and Chris stayed first in a lodge outside of Tromsø where they started their elopement day with a first look on a pier.
The ceremony took place on a tiny beach on the island Sommarøy before they went on to explore the island.

How did the Couple choose the Location?

From Tanja, the photographer: the couple (Emily and Chris) was drawn between the fjord areas (Typically Western Norway) and Northern Norway (Tromsø in particular – because the groom is very interested in towns/cities and really wanted to see Tromsø once they are in Norway).
So we landed on an area outside of Tromsø for the ceremony (island called Sommarøy), and then moved forward to another island (called Senja) to explore some great locations for further adventures.

No permits are needed. The couple had a symbolic ceremony. In Norway we have a right to roam, this law allows everyone to roam free on uncultivated land, so we could just pick any place we liked as long as it wasn’t a private area. Emily and Chris wanted a beach ceremony overlooking turquoise water and sunny weather made the colors look even brighter!
The ceremony location (as well as all the other locations) is very easily accessible. It is near the road, but since there are not so many people living on the island, we got the privacy we were looking for. You can also have a legally binding ceremony here too.

What about Sustainability for This elopement in This location?

The couple focused on things that matter: as in – committing their lives to one another and having some great adventures during their elopement day.
Besides wedding “accessories/decor” they had vow books, bouquet and boutonniere – zero waste more or less. They booked a hair and makeup artist who is local to Tromsø, and used no other vendors apart from photographer. 

Sustainability and leave no trace principles are important to keep in mind and follow everywhere, not just in this specific area.  When walking/hiking – use the trails, don’t start wandering away making new trails just for the sake of cool photos. Disturb the nature as little as possible: don’t pick up flowers, don’t feed wild animals, pick up all the trash you might have created etc..

How did the couple meet?

From Emily, the bride: we first met at a bar in our hometown – a tale as old as time! We realized we were both going to University in Calgary and ended up connecting again when we were back down south. It was there that we fell in love and haven’t looked back since! I have ancestors from Norway (plus the country is gorgeous), we are also avid travellers (23 countries and counting) and we couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else.

What are your top tips for planning a wedding or elopement in this area?

From Tanja, the photographer: my best advice would be: try to determine what you want to do on your elopement day: hike/not hike or maybe do any specific activities? Or just explore around and soak in all the beauty of the great landscapes? From there it would be easier to build up a timeline and work around all the wishes you have for the elopement day

The best season (in my opinion) would be June-October (awesome midnight sun in summer and amazing fall colors in September/Octoebr) and February-March (which is great for the northern lights chasing and winter landscapes, but definitely be prepared for some cold!)

The vendors:

Photography: TS Foto Design
Hair and makeup: Michelle from Nikita K1 Tromsø
Lodge: Buvik Sea Lodge

The photos:

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