Elopement Celebration on Iceland’s Black Sand Beach at Night

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Katri and Johanna eloped in Iceland in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. The difficulties made this adventure truly unforgettable and filled with emotions.

They had a ceremony at Seljalandsfoss, then spent the day exploring a number of waterfalls along the south coast. Their final stop of the day was Iceland’s most famous black sand beach. They went there at night, holding torches to light their way, and screamed at the top of their voices that they were now wives. It was a moment of pure and unadulterated joy.

Why Is Iceland Perfect For An Elopement?

Iceland is one the most unique places we ever seen. During the trip, and sometimes even just in one day, it’s possible to visit multiple waterfalls, glacier, black sand beach and cliffs. The views are spectacular and there’s many varieties for everyone – you can find there hidden but easy to get places, and hikes to more remote locations.

Nataly, Photographer

How Easy Is It To Get Married in Iceland?

It’s possible to get married in Iceland basically everywhere – in front of waterfall, at glacier, in ice cave or at black beach. There are literally hundreds of stunning locations all over the country where the ceremony can take a place! No special permit is needed, except of private land – which sometimes isn’t so obvious. For locations on private land, I would recommend to use help of local wedding planner, who’ll get the needed permission.

Nataly, Photographer

What things do you need to be aware of when you elope in Iceland?

  • As always, do not cross fences – they are there for a reason. The nature is sensitive and huge amount of touristic traffic affect on it.
  • Do not walk on the moss – it’ll take thousands of years to recover.
  • Summer is nesting season for thousands of birds, don’t disturb them. If you’ll be walking close to nesting area, they can even attack you, to protect the nests! 🙂 Some birds coming to Iceland all the way from Antarctica just for nesting season and we need to respect that.
  • Don’t walk close to the edge, as puffins have their nests underground and land can collapse.
  • Don’t fly the drone where it’s not allowed – especially near nesting birds.

    The nature is spectacular and we need to respect it and save it.

Do you have any tips for eloping in Iceland?

  1. Be ready to embrace the weather – rain and wind it is something that makes Iceland so unique! Come prepared, pack warm layers and waterproof/windproof jackets and have an amazing time!
  2. If your choice for elopement will be one from the famous places (and for sure they are famous for a reason!) start your day at sunrise, so you’ll avoid crowds.
  3. And keep your mind open – if you’ll ask us for other ideas where to go, we know hundreds of hidden remote places!

Do you have any favourite moments or memories from the day?

I loved how free and happy they were. They didn’t hide emotions – they sung a song during the ceremony, cried, and laughed. And they screamed to the air at empty beach that they did it – they are wives!

They fully embraced all the wind and cold, walked behind the waterfall, hugged each other all the time to keep themselves warmer. They were truly happy and truly enjoyed the day, and it was very visible.

We always bring a thermos with cups for our couples, so they could warm up during the day and drink hot tea. And we forgot to take them back at the end of the day. We were close to the cottage where Katri & Johanna were staying, so we drove to them to get it back. They just cooked the dinner, so they invited us to join them, and we were sharing the stories and talking like old friends – and we just didn’t want to leave!

Nataly, Photographer

Finally, Any Advice For Couples?

Don’t think about what other couples do on their elopement, just plan it the way you want! Every couple is unique and different, and the day should reflect that. Find the vendors whom you trust and who has experience working in area, as Icelandic conditions are very different from other places. And have fun!

Nataly, Photographer

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Photographer: Nikolaichik Photo
Videography: Nikolaichik Video

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