Snowboarding Elopement in the Dolomites

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Eleonore and Tim opted for an adventurous elopement in the beautiful Dolomites and put on some snowboards after their intimate ceremony at the Lumen Museum.

Having shared the experience of learning and falling in love with snowboarding together, it became immediately clear to me that I wanted to exchange vows in the mountains and then hit the slopes. When Tim proposed after 16 years, we contemplated the idea of a beach wedding versus a mountain wedding. It was crystal clear to both of us that a mountain wedding, set in our favorite ski resort we visit annually, was the perfect choice. Since our relationship began on January 24th, the decision for a winter wedding was a natural one. Given our love for travel, a conventional wedding was never on the table. Moreover, it wasn’t just about a symbolic ceremony; it had to be a legally recognized one in Germany. Reflecting on the experience, I would happily do it all over again. It was an unforgettable day that Tim and I, both as a couple and after the ceremony as a married duo, could genuinely enjoy without worrying about meeting the guests’ expectations. For us, enlisting the services of a professional photographer and a wedding planner was essential for realizing our dream wedding. This ensured we could wholeheartedly focus on the beautiful moments and relish each instant to the fullest.” – Eleonore, Bride

Close up of a wedding bouquet being held by a bride in a pink winter jacket with snow in the background

The Location: Kronplatz & Lumen Museum

Kronplatz, situated on the edge of the Italian Dolomites in South Tyrol, is a renowned ski resort known for its picturesque landscapes and excellent skiing.

The Lumen Museum, located on Kronplatz, is a unique cultural institution dedicated to mountain photography. Designed by architects Gerhard Mahlknecht, Stefano D’Elia, EM2 Architekten & Giò Forma, Milano, the museum showcases a captivating blend of contemporary architecture and stunning mountain views. Inside, visitors can explore exhibits featuring the work of renowned photographers, providing a fascinating perspective on the intersection of art and the alpine environment.

Kronplatz and the Lumen Museum are easily accessible for all ages and abilities. Being an alpine plateau, the area allows easy movement. The gondolas leading to the plateau are accessible to all, though those with concerns like claustrophobia or vertigo might want to opt for alternative ways like an offroad taxi.

Can You Get Legally Married at the Lumen Museum?

In short, YES! Both legal and symbolic elopement ceremonies are possible at Lumen Museum.

The couple chose Kronplatz because they could legally tie the knot high up in the mountains at the Lumen Museum and then hit the slopes post-ceremony. This unique opportunity was the primary factor in selecting this location over others.

Kronplatz and the Lumen Museum are easily accessible for all ages and abilities. Being an alpine plateau, the area allows easy movement. The gondolas leading to the plateau are accessible to all, though those with concerns like claustrophobia or vertigo might want to opt for alternative ways like an offroad taxi.

Top Tips For Planning an Elopement in the Dolomites

(from Ellen, their local photographer)


The most crucial planning tip is to be mindful of high seasons and actively avoid them. Opt for low seasons to ensure more privacy and fewer crowds on the slopes during winter and in specific tourist spots during summer. Choosing low seasons also minimizes the impact on the environment, which often faces significant stress during peak periods.

Bride and groom on snowboards on the Kronplatz mountain in the Dolomites


Ensure that your ideal location in the Dolomites is actually available and meets your expectations during your visit. One common mistake I observe is people assuming that all summer locations are accessible year-round or appear stunning in winter. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Some locations have winter closures, while others, like lakes, are covered in snow, resembling regular fields with mountains in the background. Famous lakes, in particular, look like fields teeming with people for no reason.

Especially during summer, overcrowded tourist hotspots have a considerable environmental impact and can affect the overall elopement experience too. If you’re seeking privacy and romance, I highly recommend relying on local knowledge and, if possible, steer clear of the most famous spots.


Even though many couples aim to explore numerous places and capture photos wherever possible, it’s essential to plan a day with enough buffer time for movement, hiking, or just frolicking around in our stunning landscapes. Avoid rushing from one place to the next for your bucket list.

For winter elopements, understanding daylight and lighting conditions is crucial, as they significantly differ from summer. Consequently, know when to start and end your day safely.

Best time of year to visit the Dolomites

As highlighted earlier, the optimal times of the year are during the low season periods, typically at the beginning or end of the season, but there are also less crowded mid-season weeks. To pinpoint two ideal periods for Kronplatz specifically: October and January can be favorable months for an elopement.

However, it’s important to note that various factors can influence what is best for you. Therefore, always seek advice that is tailored to your wants and needs. Make sure you are well-informed about the advantages and disadvantages of each location and the time of year you plan to visit the Dolomites.

As an elopement photographer born and living in the Dolomites, I believe that steering clear of crowded tourist spots, collaborating with locals, and respecting the natural environment are crucial pieces of advice for anyone planning an elopement in the Dolomites. The Dolomites offer a vast cultural landscape to discover: from local cuisine to a variety of languages spoken on the territory and exciting local stories and legends.

Rather than confining your vision to just the famous spots and feeling like mere tourists, why not experience the destination with a local friend? This approach transforms your elopement into a cultural enrichment, allowing you to connect more deeply with the surroundings and create inspiring memories beyond the well-known attractions.

Ellen, Photographer

What About Sustainability?

No conscious sustainability choices were made. However, the couple made eco-friendly decisions by booking a week-long stay (reducing the impact of their travel), opting for just one location instead of extensive driving, and working with local vendors, reducing environmental impact.

Vendor Credits

Photographer – Ellen Alfreider, Wedding Photographer Dolomites
Ceremony Location – Lumen Museum Kronplatz
Wedding Planner – Pamela Pizzardo
Hotel – Mountain Chalet K1
Makeup: Ulli Tomaseth

The Photos

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