The sun illuminates the peaks of the Dolomites as a bride and groom exchange wedding vows at sunrise

Alpine Hut Elopement in The Dolomites

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Maari and Jonathan opted for an adventurous 2-day elopement in the Dolomites, with a stay at a mountain hut to allow them to catch the sunrise.

For their elopement ceremony, they envisioned exchanging vows at dawn, which meant getting up at 4am and starting their hike at 4am. The location we picked out for the ceremony was a sight to behold, with the sun casting a radiant golden glow on the surrounding peaks. After they exchanged rings and said their private vows, they shared their first dance and toasted to their love with champagne. We then continued our hike to the summit before retracing our steps and returning to the mountain hut for breakfast.

After breakfast, we went out exploring for a couple more hours, but with the early start, by lunchtime, they were ready for a nice relaxed lunch and to check into their hotel where the pool and sauna were waiting for them.

I love this location because it’s one of the easiest summits to reach in the Dolomites, and the panoramic views from up there are just utterly spectacular. And while it can get busy during peak times, you can also be lucky and have the whole place to yourself if you go at the right time of day and not in high season.

Groom dips his bride with a mountain panorama of the Dolomites in the distance
Photo by Wild Connections Photography

Tips for Planning An Elopement In This Area

When visiting this area, there are a few things you need to plan out in advance.

1. The trailhead starts from the end of a toll road, that is only open during limited times each day, so you’ll need to plan your arrival during this window.

2. While it’s not possible to have a legal ceremony up here, for couples looking to have a private vow exchange, it’s perfect.

3. This area sits inside an area of national park, which is protected land, so it’s very important to understand the restrictions, as well as the potential hazards in this area. These include:

  • Not altering the landscape in any way, including picking plants or mushrooms
  • Camping is forbidden
  • Keeping noise to a minimum in order not to disturb wildlife (this includes flying drones)
  • Keeping your distance from all animals, including cows. If they approach you, give them space, as they can become aggressive, especially if they have young nearby.
Bride and groom hike from their alpine hut  in the Dolomites on their elopement day
Photo by Wild Connections Photography

4. When it comes to hiking, there are a few trails in this area. There are a couple that are relatively straight-forward and not too challenging, mostly on wide gravel trails, but there are also some more challenging hikes, like the one Maari & Jonathan did on the first day.

5. Work with a local photographer. Locations, such as this one that are not yet super popular, Instagram famous locations are unlikely to be known to photographers who aren’t from the area. The payoff is having such breathtaking views, and if you’re lucky like Maari & Jonathan were, complete privacy for over 3 hours in this stunning spot.

Their Dolomites Elopement Photos

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