An elopement ceremony, hidden in the centre of Rome

A Secret Garden Elopement In Rome

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The location Peter and Shelby choose is special because it is intimate, outside the very touristy spots and therefore allows a lovely scenery that just the couple can enjoy. It’s a little garden close to the Colosseum which makes it easy and perfect to then go visit more landmarks. Rome is awesome to elope at because the centre is pretty small and all the important spots are very close one to another therefore you can choose from so many locations to say your vows at. Don’t be afraid of all the famous touristy spots, there are a lot of hidden gems and I surely know how and where to go to avoid crowds as much as possible. 

Photo by Rita Földi, AmorVincitOmnia

This location I already knew and I find it so amazing for its architecture. It allows for lovely visual effects as well. Since it’s kind of a less known area where tourists don’t go, it’s really easy to plan an elopement there. The other parts of the elopement day were slightly more challenging either for crowds or for construction works but it’s always possible to work around. 

Rita, Photographer
Photo by Rita Földi, AmorVincitOmnia

Capturing Shelby and Peter was super unique because I felt completely part of their elopement planning, I was so invested. We haven’t had a date for a long time before the elopement, but when it finally happened I was just thrilled. I recommended the hotel to stay at, the celebrant, the makeup artist, I even made the flowers, so everything felt very natural. Like I was meeting with friends even though we haven’t met in real life before. They also went along with my vision and my idea of how to make them enjoy Rome, with a pizza stop and end at blue hour with little lights.. it was wonderful all around and they were so so sweet to me. Just the kindest people truly. 

Rita, Photographer
Dancing outside a palace in Rome on your wedding day
Photo by Rita Földi, AmorVincitOmnia

Rita’s Top Tips for planning an elopement in Rome

How to choose your location

Central Rome is a huge box of wonders to which you just need to pick from. You have all the real roman feels mixed with some of the most famous monuments in the area. Choose the place that you gravitate the most towards to: I can help with giving tips for locations but if you can visit them ahead and see which one you like most. There’s options for everyone: urban architecture lover to more green nature lover too.Just know what you look for, and plan accordingly the timeline of the day. I recommend sunset as there are a few places from which the sunset is wonderful and you can see it until the end, but of course, the early morning is also a great idea as there are less people around.

Can couples have a legally binding ceremony in Rome?

Legal marriages require a lot of documentation (and they’re expensive in Rome city, that’s why I personally don’t recommend it) but symbolic ceremonies do not and there are no authorisations either to ask for. 

Any other advice or tips you would like to share as a local expert?

My other top tips would be:

1. Comfy shoes (or a change) as the cobblestones are not high heel friendly in the long run.
2. Just to enjoy being in one of the most ancient cities of the world and make sure to have a gelato and/or a coffee! 
3. I’d say trust the local people to help you plan your day and when you’re in Italy, and people see you in wedding attire, they’ll say AUGURI . Just smile and say “Grazie” :)) it’s their way of wishing you the best. 

Vendor Credits

Photographer – Rita Földi, AmorVincitOmnia
Bride dress – Original Toronto
Groom attire – Tom’s Palace
Rings – Brockton Gems & Mejuri
HMUA – Linda Lynn MUA
Celebrant – Giulia – Passaggi Weddings
Planning + Flowers – The Rome Elopement

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