Lake Como Elopement

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Alyssa and Elliott are a young couple from Texas. They travelled to Italy to get married in Lake Como.
Their intimate ceremony took place in a villa in Bellagio, Lake Como with only their parents present.

Bellagio is a charming town located on the shores of Lake Como in northern Italy. It is often referred to as the “Pearl of Lake Como” due to its picturesque beauty and stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains so it’s clear to see why Alyssa and Elliott picked this location as the backdrop for their elopement.

How did they choose the location?

The couple hired a travel agent  who found the ceremony location. They told her they were looking for a spot that had beautiful view of Bellagio, but was also away from most of the crowds.
They knew they wanted a quiet place so they could really focus on each other and have no distractions. As soon as she sent them a picture of the house, they knew that it would be a perfect spot. It didn’t require any permits and is easy to reach by car and suited for all ages and disability.
They opted for a symbolic ceremony at this venue.

How did the couple meet?

Elliot and Alyssa met one night in Dallas, Texas at a bar named Skellig. Elliot was out celebrating one of his friends birthdays and Alyssa was with her girlfriends celebrating a graduation. The two spent hours talking that night and went on their first date 2 weeks later!

Elliot and Alyssa wanted to have a small intimate ceremony where they could really enjoy the moment and soak up the ceremony together. They knew they wanted to just have their parents present for the ceremony and include all of their family and friends at a reception back in Texas afterwards.

The couple decided to have their ceremony in Lake Como after Alyssa spent some time in college studying in Arezzo. She loved the country so much and knew that is where she wanted to get married.

Any advice you would like to share based on your Experience?

From Alyssa, the bride: My advice would be to find a photographer and videomaker (and any vendor in general) that you truly click with. It can be hard to plan a special moment from halfway around the world, but if you include someone that you can trust, it makes the entire process easier. Also, make sure that you have a very “go with the flow” mentality. You can only control what you can control, so enjoy the process! I would also highly recommend our photographer Christiana- but that is a given!


What is the best time to visit the location?

Probably the best time is April, May, September, October since it is still warm, but not very hot and you are less likely to find lots of tourists in the area. 

The vendors:

Photography: Cristiana Fiorini Photography
Videography: Thirty Five Studios

the photos:

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