Pertisau am Achensee, Tyrol elopement

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Eva and Andy traveled from the UK to celebrate their elopement in the Austrian Alps in Tyrol.
On a warm summer day, we met at Lake Achensee to take the Karwendel gondola up into the mountains. From the mountain station, we hiked to the summit.
When we reached the summit late in the afternoon, all the other hikers had already started to descend, and we had the whole place to ourselves. Surrounded by countless peaks, Eva and Andy changed into their wedding attire to get ready for their elopement. We explored different spots around the summit and enjoyed the fantastic view down to Lake Achensee.
After a little picnic, the couple read their self-written vows to each other.
Then, we walked to a plateau just a few meters below the summit. Here, we found the perfect spot for their first dance as a married couple.

A few days before their elopement, we discussed postponing the date, as the weather forecast predicted storms and rain. Luckily, the weather changed again, and we decided to go for it and hope for some sun. This was the best decision we could have made. The clouds created the most incredible mood as some sun rays broke through them at that very moment when Eva and Andy started to dance, creating a unique atmosphere for the newlyweds.
A beautiful sunset perfectly ended this epic elopement in the Austrian Alps.

How was the location chosen?

From Victoria, the photographer: Eva and Andy dreamed of getting married in the middle of high mountains, lakes and wildflowers. 
They were open to hike to get to a location that offered them the most beautiful view and as much privacy as possible. 

As we live in the Alps and spend es much time in the mountains as possible, we know many great locations, and created a list with different places, that fit Eva and Andys vision for there Elopement day. From there they choose this mountaintop above Lake Achensee. They were fascinated by the panorama that, loved the idea of seeing the sunset from the summit, and liked that it was close to some other places likethey wanted to visit during their time here in Austria, like Innsbruck. 

You can only have a symbolic ceremony here, not a legal one. You do not need permits or special permissions before having your photoshoot and elopement here, but, as we took a gondola, we recommend to contact the Karwendelbahn before your photoshoot, or elopement to inform them.

How easy is the Location to access?

From the mountain station of the gondola Karwendelbahn it is a 2 hour hike to get to the summit (3,3km, 540 vertical meters). If you want to be there for sunset, you have to hike all the way down to the valley in the dark, which takes another 2 hours (6km 1100 vertical meters). 

There are some exposed and steep parts on the hike, so we only recommend to go there if you are not afraid of heights and have experience with hiking in the mountains.  One part is secured with a rope, and requires a bit scrambling. 

What leave no trace considerations are important in this area?

Stay on the trails, and avoid standing on wildflowers.  Don’t pick any flowers, and always take everything with you that you brouhgt. 
As you have to hike through farmland on the way to this location, remember to keep a safe distance to cows and other animals that are on the fields. 

What are your top tips for planning an elopement in this area?

From Victoria, the photographer: Be well-prepared for any weather.
Good hiking shoes, a windproof and waterproof jacket, plenty of water, and snacks for the day should always be with you in the Alps. The weather can change rapidly, and even in summer, it often gets cold as soon as the sun is gone.

Choosing the right summit is essential for your elopement. Especially for sunrise or sunset elopements, it’s essential to research whether you’ll be able to see the sun from the summit. If there is a higher mountain to the east or west, it might block the sun on the horizon.
Check the operating hours of cable cars.

Many mountain peaks are accessible from the mountain station of a cable car with a short hike. However, if you want to stay until after sunset, you’ll have to walk all the way down to the valley in the dark, as most cable cars do not operate at night. Check the operating hours in advance so you don’t get surprised by closed doors.
Book elopement experts for your elopement wedding in the mountains.

We always help our couples find the perfect location, create a timeline, and gather information about important topics like accessibility, cable car operating hours, toll roads, hiking trails, and more. Since we live and grew up in Austria, we know what to look out for in the mountains and are happy to share our expertise with you.

Is there a best time of year to visit the location?

The best time to visit this location is from June to October, when there is no snow on the summit. 
It is easiest during the day, when you can shorten the hike, by taking the gondola. 
It is possible to get there with a ski tour in winter, only consider this with enough experience or together with a guide. 

Any other tips you’d like to share?

From Victoria, the photographer: Don´t be afraid of clouds on your elopement day. I know most couples dream of blue skies and bright sunshine for their wedding day, but the mood is often so much more special on cloudy days. When the sun rays broke through the clouds during Eva and Andys first dance, we all got so excited, no one of us could have envisioned a more magical atmosphere.

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Photography: Wild Embrace
Dress: Etsy
Dress alterations: Romantique Boho
Suit: M&S
Bouquet: The Artisan Dried Flowers
Hair Comb: The Artisan Dried Flowers

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