Montenegro Countryside Elopement

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Jordan and Aaron knew they wanted their wedding to be set in a location that was near and dear to their hearts. Though they had known each other in college, it wasn’t until Jordan was spending a year after graduation with her father’s side of the family in Montenegro, that they started talking online and fell in love.

So, where would be a better place to celebrate their union than the countryside in Montenegro?!

How was the location chosen?

They choose this location since this was the town the bride’s father grew up in before immigrating to the United States.
They sent out invites for their elopement to a select few close friends and family in the USA. Surrounded by these dear ones and Jordan’s Montenegrin side of the family, they eloped in a traditional Serbian Orthodox ceremony, while her father, who had immigrated to the US as a child, beamed and later said it felt like his life had come full circle, watching his daughter get married in his childhood church.

Can You have a legal ceremony here or just symbolic and what about permits?

No permits are needed to have your photo session here or get married here but it is very tricky for Americans to obtain a legal ceremony. So Jordan and Aaron opted to have just a symbolic ceremony to make things easier for them.

What about sustainability?

This was very much considered during the whole process. The bride did the florals herself and had her dress handmade, to ensure it was made locally and sustainably. 

Each detail was considered with intention and love. Jordan’s dress was custom made and she embroidered the blue flowers on herself. The cake was made by a family friend. The bouquet was sourced from flowers picked up from a roadside seller. Jordan’s veil was her own design. The guests danced to traditional musicians. The bride and groom stopped on the way to the reception to pick out the traditional Montenegrin stringed instrument. Each aspect was beautiful and held significance and beauty!

Do you have any Elopement tips to share?

From Heather, the photographer: Montenegro is a stunning country and full of dramatic landscapes and amazing people. I highly recommend having a local guide, as there are many and they can easily help navigate any language barriers. As for a season, early Fall is absolutely magical!

The vendors:

Photography: Heather K. Purdy

The Photos:

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