Discover the Best Lake Elopement Locations in Europe

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Is eloping by a Lake somewhere in Europe on your radar? There are lots of amazing options out there but where do you begin? We have found some of the best lake elopement locations for you with input from some amazing local photographers.

Eloping by a lake can offer a beautiful and intimate setting for an elopement. Lakeside elopements are often chosen for their stunning natural scenery, peaceful ambience, and romantic atmosphere. The serene backdrop of the water, combined with the surrounding nature, can create a picturesque and memorable experience if you are looking for a unique and private way to exchange your vows.

Photo: Naty Lizzy

Lake Bled, Slovenia

“Lake Bled is one of the hidden gems of Europe, with an island and church on it in the middle of the lake. A true place for romantic souls, lake is surrounded by mountains, perfect for lovers of culinary experiences and it even has a historic castle overlooking the island on the lake. It is a perfect gateway to the biggest national park in Slovenia. 

I love it because it offers so many possibilities and activities for every level of “adventure”. My favourite is rowing to the island in the wooden boats.” Anja & Blaz

Photo: Anja & Blaz
Photo: Clearly Wild Photography

Lake Como, Italy

When you think lake locations, how can Lake Como not spring to mind instantly? It is the third-largest lake in Italy and is known for its incredible natural beauty, charming villages, and picturesque scenery.
The lake is surrounded by lush hills and mountains, providing a stunning backdrop to the crystal-clear waters.

“I suggest Villa Passalacqua at the Como Lake. It is the best location for Vogue in Europe. It’s dreamy and luxury as a location.” Francesco Rossi

Photo: Francesco Rossi Photography

Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Isle of Skye is a magical location for your elopement.

“Loch Coruisk on the Isle of Skye. It is truly my favourite place on Skye for an elopement. Being accessible only by boat or on foot creates a special charm and retains the feeling of space and emptiness in the loch and mountain landscapes. The boat journey itself is wonderful often with dolphin and whale sightings and always with seals! The scenery and the serenity of the loch is out of this world.” Rosie – LoveSkyePhotography

Photo: LoveSkyePhotography

Lakes of Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland

“Lakes of Killarney are located in a valley inside Killarney National Park, which means there is so much beauty to explore in the area. They are surrounded by rugged mountains and many picturesque cascades. They are also close to the cute town of Killarney, which is known for it’s great pubs.” Shauna Ward – Wild and Green Photography

Photo: Wild and Green Photography

Lakes in The Dolomites, Italy

The Dolomites is probably not the first location that springs to mind when you think of lake locations (except for Lago di Braies). But, there are several stunning lakes in this area that are amazing locations for your elopement!

“I love the lakes in the Dolomites. Why? Because they are not so popular (yet!) and they are easy access for couples who don’t want or are not able to hike” Naty Lizzy

Photo: Naty Lizzy

Traunsee, Austria

“My choice would be a town called Traunkirchen, located on the lake called Traunsee in Austria. I love this location because, like everything in Austria, it’s a short drive to access. It only took us one hour to drive from Linz, where we started. Many lake locations are oversaturated with tourists in Austria, but Traunsee was not one of them. It felt like a gem amongst the mountains, and we had the entire space to ourselves!” Lauren McCormick

Photo: Lauren McCormick

Lake Eibsee, Germany

“I love this lake; it is breathtakingly beautiful, no matter the weather or the season. The views, the emerald green water, and the forest calm me down. Bonus points: it is just a 15-minute drive from where I live.” Aneta Lehotska

Image Aneta Lehotska

Könningsee & Obersee, Germany

“This lake is something special, so different from all other lakes you can explore in Germany. It feels like you are Norway’s fjord or Lord of the Rings movie. I love the electric boat ride and the views from it. It is something special.” Aneta Lehotska

Image Aneta Lehotska

Hintersee, Germany

“It is a small, calming lake with an unforgettable view of Walzmann. One of the most iconic mountains in Germany (in my opinion).” Aneta Lehotska

Image Aneta Lehotska

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