Hotel de Charme Quinta do Pinheiro, Portugal micro-wedding

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Carlos and Paulo opted for a wedding with their relatives and close friends at the beautiful Hotel de Charme Quinta Do Pinheiro in Portugal. It’s a charming boutique hotel in very calm, serene surroundings in Freamunde. The area around Freamunde is known for its natural beauty, with lush green landscapes and a rural atmosphere. The region has a long history, with archaeological evidence suggesting human presence dating back to prehistoric times.
A stunning place for an intimate wedding!

What are Some your top wedding planning tips?

From Pedro, the photographer: Plan with plenty of time. Don’t rush the decisions.
Please, but please hire professionals with experience. If you don’t have time to search for vendors, then hire a wedding planner. This is my Top Tip.
In Portugal we have good weather almost all time, but in the winter it can be cold and rainy. From March till October is a great time of year to have a wedding here.
The venue that the couple chose is accessible for all ages abilities and you can have a legal ceremony here.

what about sustainability for this wedding?

 This was very important to them. The grooms are researchers in sciences, so this was also a very important aspect. For instance, the invitations were made to be used after that.
They gave gifts to the guests to remember the wedding day that were mini bottles of wine to be consumed.

No food waste was the main concern. They used straw benches instead of plastic ones. There were a lot of considerations according sustainability despite it being a wedding.

the vendors:

Photography: Pedro Filipe Fotografia
Venue: Hotel de Charme Quinta Do Pinheiro
Cinema & Video: Rendezvous Films

the photos:

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