Oeschinensee, Switzerland elopement

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Oeschinensee is one of the most famous locations in Switzerland. Although it can be crowded, you can definitely avoid most of the tourists by going on a hike around the lake.

Rachel & Jeff got ready at their hotel before leaving for the location. They had the lake shore almost to themselves as it was a cloudy day. After a beautiful vow exchange, they had a picnic in the nearby woods and read letters from loved ones. They then embarked on a hike with stunning views. There were even mountain goats, which isn’t something you see every day!

How was the location chosen?

From Morgane, the photographer: Oeschinensee is one of the most famous locations in Switzerland (and probably the most famous lake), and it’s often requested by couples. I often include it in my location guides for couples that want a stunning lake with mountains in the background, as it’s easily accessible. I am really mindful of warning people that given that it’s really famous, we’ll have to beat the crowds, depending on when we go.

There are no permits needed for this location and it is easy to access. It is accessible by cable car and then a shuttle (this might be tricky if you’re in a wheelchair). Or you can walk for an hour on a concrete road.

Elopement ceremonies in Switzerland are only symbolic. You can only get legally married at courthouses and it requires a swiss citizenship or a residence permit for any legal ceremony.

How about Sustainability in this Location?

From Morgane, the photographer: As always, I try to infuse sustainability in the planning process by advising vendors with eco-friendly practices. The brides’s bouquet is made from seasonal and local flowers that the florist buys 15 minutes from her atelier.

As it should be anywhere, picking up your trash is always important. As this area is really touristic, there are garbage bins pretty much everywhere. I try my best to have people not pick up wildflowers, be mindful of the wildlife, and basically leaving the place better than when they arrived.

What are your top tips for planning an elopement in this area?

From Morgane: My top tips would be to not be afraid to go on a little hike if you pick that location, because that’s where you’ll avoid the crowds and see the most epic views. 

The best time of year to visit would be June, and then September since it’s not during the public holidays. The place is much quieter at those times.

how did the couple meet?

From Rachel, the bride: We met at work, but we technically starting talking outside of work via Bumble (dating app). We had known each other from the office and had interacted before, but being in a work setting, it was difficult to approach the idea of dating. We chatted for a bit via text and then decided to go on a date. We went to a French restaurant and have been together since.

why did they decide to elope and in europe in particular?

From Rachel, the bride:  The logistics of planning a wedding was incredibly stressful for both of us. There were many other people we had to consider, and it wasn’t exactly an easy or enjoyable experience to put so much time, attention, and money into the things that weren’t important to us. We wanted an adventure, and we wanted to find a way to have one, just us.

We were originally going to go to Colorado to get married because we love the mountains. Jeff had suggested eloping in the Swiss alps pretty much right after we got engaged, but Rachel was still committed to trying to have a more traditional wedding. When we finally decided to elope (and felt an immediate sigh of relief), Rachel returned to the idea of the Swiss alps because it fit the mountain vibe, and it seemed like the exact right place for our adventure.

the vendors:

Photography: Morgane Raposo Photographer
Accommodation: The Cambriana Del Boden
Flowers: La Gabardine
Hair & Make up: Nataliya Styliste
Dress: Made With Love Bridal

the photos:

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