Casa Risa, Portugal Micro-Wedding

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When you are planning your micro-wedding and you own a small boutique hotel, naturally this has to be the venue to host it at!
That’s exactly what Afonso and Ron did to host their 30 guests micro wedding.

Casa Risa is a charming hotel located in the Algarve region of Portugal. The Algarve has historic towns, great cuisine, beautiful cliffs and caves, beautiful beaches, nature reserves, water sports and is a paradise for golfers.
A fantastic area for a wedding!

Tell us a bit about the location?

From Pedro, the photographer: The couple choose the location because it is their own small boutique hotel. This was great to accommodate the relatives and very close friends.
You can’t have a legal ceremony, because it is a private location.  The location is suitable for all ages and abilities. 

Was Sustainability a factor in planning this wedding?

From Pedro: Totally. The groom’s love nature and their own private hotel is based in nature.
They gave gifts to the guests to remember the wedding day that were mini portuguese typical tiles.
No food waste was the main concern, since in a wedding food waste is the most significant part.
They used straw benches instead of plastic ones. There were a lot of considerations regarding sustainability.

What are your top tips for planning a wedding or elopement in this area?

From Pedro: Take your time planning. Don’t rush the decisions.
Please, but please hire professionals with experience. If you don’t have time to search for vendors, then hire a wedding planner who can plan for you and has a network of great vendors. This is my top tip.

In Portugal the weather is great almost all time, but in the winter it can be cold and rainy.
March till October is great to have a wedding here.

The vendors:

Photographer: Pedro Filipe Fotografia
Event Venue: Casa Risa
Make up artist: Hair and Makeup by Mariana
Officiant: Crazy Little Thing by Mafalda
Caterer: Algarve Fine Food
Cake Designer: Adoçar
Floral Designer: Ely Flowers Weddings
Event Planner: Mio Oliveira
Tiles: Tile Passion

The Photos:

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