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Best Places To Buy Used Wedding Gowns

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Purchasing your wedding gown may be one of the biggest decisions when planning your wedding. Will it be the style that you’ve been dreaming of since you were five, or something completely different? Maybe you’ve never really thought about it that much.

Wedding gowns are a major investment and most people only get to wear them once (or sometimes twice if you’re having a post-elopement party). That’s a lot of money to spend on something that isn’t going to become a staple item in your wardrobe.

Whether you’re budget conscious, or sustainability conscious (or both), we’re huge fans of shopping for a used (or as we love to say, pre-loved) wedding dress.

In this post, we’re sharing why we think everyone should consider buying a pre-loved wedding dress, and the best places to shop.

Bride wearing a pre-owned dress and vintage fur from her Grandmother – Image credit: Wild Connections Photography

Why Should You Buy A Used Wedding Dress?

There are some great advantages to buying a used wedding gown instead of a brand-new one. These include:


This is definitely a big one to consider when it comes to pre-owned wedding gowns. Choosing a used wedding gown can have several positive sustainability impacts compared to buying a new one:

  • Reducing waste
    By choosing a used wedding dress, you are preventing a new one from being produced, which reduces the overall demand for new materials and the waste generated during the manufacturing process.
  • Conserving resources
    Buying a used dress reduces the need for new resources like fabric, water and energy that would be required to produce a new dress.
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
    The production and transportation of new gowns contribute to carbon emissions. By choosing a pre-loved dress, you are reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Supporting a circular economy
    By purchasing a pre-owned dress, it promotes the concept of a circular economy, where items are reused and recycled instead of just being discarded after only one use.
Austrian Alps Elopement – Image credit: Wild Connections Photography

Cost savings

This one is an obvious one but one to definitely be considered. Maybe you don’t want to spend a huge chunk of change on a gown you’re only going to wear once, and you would rather invest it in your honeymoon. Or maybe you have your eye on a certain dress designer but the new gowns are simply out of your price range.
Purchasing a used gown can bring massive savings.

Style & Convenience

Something else to consider is the fact that when you are shopping for a pre-owned gown, you are not limited to the current fashion trends. You’ll have more options available that might just fit your style better than any current ones.
Purchasing a pre-owned gown can also be very convenient. Whichever dress you find, will be available right away. No months of waiting for the dress to come in when you purchase it.

Things to keep in mind when shopping for a pre-loved dress

It might take a while to find the correct size. Pre-loved gowns will be altered to fit someone else’s body, so definitely keep that in mind when you are browsing. Give yourself plenty of time and have patience with it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a wedding gown gets dirty on the wedding day. Finding one that is spotless is almost impossible. Even after professional cleaning, there may still be tiny spots here and there. Also double check that there is no damage anywhere to the dress like missing buttons or little tears in the fabric (especially with lace!).

where to purchase a pre-owned gown?

Obviously, you can look on private sale websites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, but you may just feel safer purchasing your pre-loved gown from a reputable online store. We have found a few during our research that offer a great variety, good designers and a variety in price tags.

Online – Worldwide


Stillwhite is a global online platform for buying and selling wedding dresses. You’ll find many of the most popular dress designers on this platform at hugely reduced prices. Sellers are both private sellers and also bridal boutiques who are selling ex-sample dresses.

Screenshop of Stillwhite website for selling used wedding gowns
Shop wedding dresses on StillWhite


Ebay is the world’s largest online auction platform and a great place to pick up a used wedding dress at a bargain price. Because eBay is an international platform, that means you’ll have access to sellers all over the world and options for every budget. However, it’s important to note that it’s not only used dresses on eBay. You’ll also find lots of cheap dresses from China, so make sure to filter your search according to what you’re looking for.

Browse ebay


Etsy is a great place to go for vintage wedding gowns. Whether you love the vintage look, or you’re looking to get a vintage dress to re-work into something new, there are loads of options from sellers around the globe.

Vintage gowns on Etsy

Used Wedding Gowns in the USA


North America’s exclusive white-glove concierge service for brides-to-be and newlyweds. Shop authentic new, sample, and preowned designer wedding dresses risk-free. Easy returns and savings up to 90% off retail.

Dress Shopping on NearlyNewlywed

Brides for a Cause

Brides for a Cause is a nonprofit organization that collects and resells wedding dresses to raise funds for charity. Their dresses are donated by designers, manufacturers, and brides all over the USA! Proceeds support various local and national women-focused charities.

Pre-owned Wedding Dresses

Preownedweddingdresses.com is another major online used wedding gown store based in the USA.

Borrowing Magnolia

Borrowing Magnolia is great for pre-loved wedding dresses, but they also sell bridesmaids dresses and accessories too.

Used Wedding Dresses in the UK

Bridal Reloved

Bridal Reloved is one of the UK’s largest bridal franchise networks and the world’s only franchise network of pre-owned wedding dress boutiques. They sell high-end pre-owned wedding dresses throughout their award-winning, friendly, and welcoming boutiques across the UK. Wedding dresses are either brand new, ex-sample, or worn once and cleaned.

Shop Bridal Reloved

Oxfam Bridal

If you want to save money on your dress, bridesmaids’ dresses, or accessories and also support a good cause, Oxfam has a few bridal boutiques and an online store for everything wedding-related.

Shop Oxfam Weddings

Recycle My Wedding

From one of the UK’s biggest wedding blogs Rock My Wedding is their marketplace platform “Recycle My Wedding” where couples can re-sell everything from their outfits to wedding decor.

Recycle My Wedding screenshot
Visit Recycle My Wedding

Dress Dreamer

Dress Dreamer is a new fashion-focused online platform that allows brides from all over the UK to list their pre-owned wedding dress, where a new bride will fall in love and purchase.

Second-Hand Wedding Dresses

Secondhandweddingdresses.co.uk is a one-stop shop for all your wedding dress shopping needs. What we aim to offer is an online experience that provides all the information you could ever need (and more) to help you make the right decision and choose the ideal wedding dress for you.

Pre-Worn Wedding Gowns in Australia

Little Bird Bridal

Little Bird Bridal is a pre-loved, by appointment-only wedding gown studio, located in the picturesque Perth Hills, nestled amongst the Bickley Valley Wine Trail.

Find out more about Little Bird Bridal

Love Me Twice

Founded in 2008, Love Me Twice continues to play a significant role in normalizing the reuse of garments and inspiring brides to rethink how to tread gently in their wedding planning process.

Visit Love Me Twice Website

White Gown

At White Gown, their passion is to help you find the best fit for your body type. They want you to feel inspired when it comes to finding that special dress for your big Wedding Day. They have a beautiful selection to choose from and the list is endless when it comes to narrowing your search on the style, fabric, and color you desire.

Used Wedding Gowns Around Europe





Alternative – Renting Your Wedding Gown

Or if you are considering renting a dress (also a great option!) then Rent the Runway is a wonderful option. Rent the Runway is perfect for rehearsal dinner outfits, or if you’re looking for something a bit less traditional, like a minidress or jumpsuit.

While it might also be a great place to look for a dress for your elopement day itself, when renting do consider the location and activities you might be doing for your elopement, and what the cleaning and repair charges are, should the dress get damaged.

Rent The Runway
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