Non-Binary Wedding Outfits

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Clothes don’t have a gender, and whether you are male, female, enby, non-binary, gender neutral, gender fluid or have any other gender identity you should be able to wear wedding outfits that feel like you on your wedding day. 

This is especially true when you are eloping. You’ll have already picked an LGBTQIA+-friendly destination that supports marriage equality, and without having to think about what your guests will say you are free to pick whatever makes you feel the best. 

Whether that’s both rocking dresses, or saying “I do” in identical suits. By eloping you are doing the wedding your way, and what you wear is another great way to make it that little bit more personal. 

Although clothes can be worn by anyone, we live in a society where some clothes feel more gendered than others. In this blog, I’ll be sharing some suggestions of where you can find: 

Tips for finding the right outfit for your Wedding

Gender-neutral can go as glam or as simple as you want but there are a few things to remember when you are picking your wedding outfits, especially if you are planning a destination wedding or elopement:

  • Don’t forget to consider the weather in your elopement destination. You might not want a 3-piece wool suit if you’re getting married on the beach in Ibiza in July.
  • Think about the activities you want to do and how practical it will be, if you are hoping to get out hiking or skiing in your wedding gear then make sure it is practical to move in, that it will keep you warm enough, and that there isn’t anything that could get caught in your equipment.  
  • Consider how easy it will be to travel with. Does the material crease easily, and need steaming or is it low-maintenance? Also consider how much space it will take in your luggage. If you’re honeymooning in Europe after your elopement, you might not want something that fills up an entire suitcase.
  • Don’t overlook footwear. If you’re having an active elopement, make sure your shoes are suitable for the activities you’ve chosen to do. And if they’re new, break them in a few weeks beforehand so they are comfortable.
Two grooms hold hands. Both are wearing black suit pants and a black puffer jacket. There are mountains in the background behind them.

Androgynous Suits

There are so many incredible designers out there stepping outside of gender binaries in their clothing ranges. What I love about these next designers is that that their designs are completely non-gendered. Giving you the freedom to pick whatever items work for you.


Started out of frustration with outdated gender norms in the fashion industry Wildfang creates looks that are fresh and unique. Making outfits that are practical – read pockets that you can actually put things in – as well as designed to make you look and feel incredible.

Price Range: $300-$400 – Shop Now

Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch describe themselves as challenging Industry norms on what is considered menswear & womenswear and aim instead to create well-fitting outfits to make you feel comfortable and confident. They’ve got an entire range of formal wear that would be perfect for any elopement wedding, as well as for wedding guests.

Price Range: $500-$750 – Shop Now

Peau De Loup

This Canadian-based brand pride themselves on making clothes that fit bodies – not genders. Specializing in designing outfits that are based on traditional men’s wear lines and tailoring them to female and non-binary bodies. They have a great range of blazers and waistcoats that you can put together to get the exact look and feel that works for you.

Price Range: $250 for a blazer and waistcoat – Shop Now

Custom Suits

If you want to celebrate your wedding wearing something that looks amazing, makes you feel incredible and fits perfectly to you then you might want to consider getting a custom suit made for the day. It gives you a choice of materials, colors, and shapes, and you get to give your measurements and preferences so that you can know you’ll be wearing something that fits exactly how you like it. Both Bindle and Keep based in Brooklyn and The Tailory in New York now offer virtual as well as in-person appointments and are a great option for people looking for androgynous suits.

Bindle and Keep Price Range: $995 – $1395 – Shop Now

A range of designs and suit inspiration from The Tailory NYC


Other larger retailers have also started to realise that people of all genders are buying their clothing, and although it’s often still quite limited many are developing unisex ranges. Asos has developed a small unisex range including this white suit.

An gender queer, non-binary couple walk throw a grassy meadow.

Suits from Men’s and Women’s ranges

Although some retailers are stepping outside of the binary many still only have men’s and women’s sections. If this is something that doesn’t bother you and you are happy to shop in either section then there are some great options available on:


A great option if you are looking for a truly unique look. Etsy has a range of different designers and suits perfect for weddings and special occasions. You can use gender-neutral search terms however, clothing is still categorized into men’s and women’s ranges and many of the outfits will include gender in their titles.


This UK-based Etsy seller has a wide range of different suits in a variety of different colours and styles. Perfect for couples looking to step away from traditional suit designs and embrace bright colors and patterns on their wedding day.

Price Range: $250-$400 – Shop Now


VIOSSI offers a range of suits based on a typically masculine fit with elegance, classic fashion, and stylish tailoring at their core. They have some great options for more traditional 3 piece suits perfect for couples looking for a more formal wedding look.

Price Range: $300 – Shop Now

Far Fetch

If you are looking for a more modern cut then Far Fetch has a range of different blazers, trousers, and skirts available. They do offer traditional materials and colors, but expect to find more standout pieces here, with velvets, patchwork and even a metallic blazer. If you are wanting a white themed wedding they also have a white and cream blazers in a few different styles.

You can shop from well known designers here including Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, and Gucci. Unfortunately all items on Far Fetch are categorised into their Men’s or Women’s range and then you can search by product or designer.

Price Range: $400-$10,000 – Shop Now


As well as a unisex range Asos also offers a number of suits within their gendered lines, which if you don’t mind shopping within men’s or women’s sections could give you the option of some great suits at really affordable prices. Perfect if you are looking for an elopement outfit that you are planning to wear hiking, skiing, climbing, or on any other “trash the outfit” style shoot.

Price Range: $200-300 – Shop Now

Alternative gender-neutral wedding outfits 

Often when we think of androgynous formal wear we think of suits, blazers, and trousers, but for many couples outfits can go much further than that. Maybe you want to reclaim dresses, wear vintage styles, or go for completely unique outfits that represent you and the energy you share with the world.

Whatever you decide it’s up to you to pick something that works for you, that you are going to look back on and love, and that is going to make you feel great on your special day.

If you are looking for inspiration I absolutely love this couple’s take on wedding outfits for their bohemian vintage wedding.

Arahant Studio on Etsy

Taking example from this incredible couple celebrating their own experiences and passions on their wedding day I wanted to share this Etsy Seller. Arahant Studio have a range of uni-sex and gender non conforming pieces for couples looking for darker items to represent them on their wedding day.

Price Range: $250 – $500 – Shop Now

Queera Wang Inspired Looks

Non-Binary designer Curtis Cassell is redefining what wedding outfits can be, and what gender-fluid or A-gender clothing could look like. Curtis Writes “I used to be a waiter at an event space that mostly did weddings. The Lgbtq staff would always talk about if they wanted to get married in a suit or in a dress. I couldn’t believe that the options were literally black and white and wanted to change that for myself and for our community.

All of the designs Curtis makes are bespoke, but I love the idea of piecing items together to create unique and gender-non-conforming wedding looks. Shop for blazers and match them with oversized skirts, or embellished shirts with more formal trousers to complete a look that’s completely you.

If you’re going to give it a try these sites might help you:

  • The Tailory have a “lookbook” of dresses and blazers
  • Etsy can be a great place to shop for unique pieces and designers. These Skirts for layering and different shirt options could be a place to start
  • Although aimed at brides you might also find some helpful shops and designers on my blogs “Best places to buy your elopement dress” and “Best Bridal Jumpsuits”
LGBTQ couple hugging and laughing on the bride over the river Inn in Austria

Gender Neutral Wedding and Elopement Accessories

Whether you choose to get married in a dress or a suit, a jumpsuit, a combination of all of the above, or just in your regular hiking gear; accessories can bring an extra little magic to the day. They can be subtle ways of bringing your own identity to the clothes you wear, particularly great for couples that want to dress more traditionally, but still want to make the outfits their own.

There are a huge number of queer-owned shops on Etsy, and it’s great to be able to support independent creators, whatever you are looking for someone is probably making it, or can personalise it for you. Here are a few of my favorites that I think would be great to add an extra touch to any elopement:


Price Range: $10-$50


Price Range: $10 – $20

Ties and Bowties

Price Range: $10-$30

It’s great to see that there are more and more a-gender and unisex ranges developing all the time, especially in the wedding industry. If you know of a great range or designer who I’ve not listed here I’d love to hear from you and will be happy to add them on.

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