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5 Stunning Ethical Engagement Rings

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You’ve found your person, and you’ve decided to make things official by getting engaged. And now you’ve chosen to mark the occasion with something you can keep forever – an engagement ring.

Whether you’ve shopping for the ring as a surprise, or you’re picking out rings together, we want to help you find the most ethical engagement ring options, so that you can feel truly great about your purchase.

What Makes an engagement ring Ehtical?

When it comes to what makes an engagement ring ethical or not, the main thing you’re going to be looking at are where, and how, the materials have been sourced.

Virgin precious metals and gemstones come from mining. Not only can the mining process be bad for the environment, but many mines are found in countries in the global south, where the human rights of workers can also be a big issue.

Ethical engagement rings are rings that come from companies that are using ethical mining practices, and have certifications such from organizations such as Fairmined, FLO-Cert, and Responsible Jewelry Council.

What’s the difference between ethical and sustainable?

Ethical. Sustainable. Eco. Green. Responsible. What do all these words mean? Do they mean the same thing?

While “ethical” jewelry is predominantly a term that focuses on how ethically and responsibly the raw materials for your engagement ring were sourced, sustainable jewelry fits under a larger umbrella.

A sustainable brand might promote sustainability in the following ways:

  • Recycled metals
  • Lab-grown gemstones
  • Using renewable energy for production
  • Reduced / recyclable packaging and shipping
  • Giving back through social or environmental impact projects

As with any kind of ethical or sustainable claims, to avoid greenwashing make sure you check whether there is evidence to back these up. You can read more about sustainable jewelry and how to spot greenwashing at the article linked below:

5 Stunning Brands Offering Ethical Engagement Rings

Brilliant Earth

Close up photo of a black woman wearing a diamond engagement ring and diamond wedding band
Image source – Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth offers ethically sourced and lab-grown diamonds, as well as colored gemstones and sustainable diamond alternatives to offer an extensive array of options no matter the budget.

Their collections also extend outside of the traditional “engagement ring” to offer men’s and gender-neutral engagement ring designs with and without gemstones.

Prices from: $550

Monica Rich Kosann

Image source – Monica Rich Kosann

Monica Rich Kosann has always tried to source ethical diamonds as well as lab-grown diamonds. But a few years ago, they also began to design with vintage diamonds, stones that were taken from jewelry pieces that sometimes dated to the late 1800s. They recognized that these stones were enchanting for both their unique history and the fact that they helped to create a circular product lifecycle where older pieces can be made new for a new generation of customers.

Prices from: $890


Image source – Catbird Wandering Star Opal Ring

If you’re looking for something a bit different from the traditional engagement ring, you should check out Catbird. All their designs are created by a small team of artisan designers, based out of Brooklyn, New York. Their engagement ring collection is made with recycled diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, recycled 14k gold, and ethical stones.

Prices from: $294


Image source – MiaDonna

MiaDonna are a women-led, people-first, ethical jewelry brand created in 2005 by a mother determined to free children from a lifetime of mining. Your fine jewelry purchase has the power to stop forced labor, protect the environment, and give back.

Prices from: $595


Image source – Etsy

For custom-made pieces or vintage rings, Etsy is one of the best places to look. Etsy lets you buy from small businesses and artists from around the world. You’ll find many designers, offering everything from classic engagement ring styles to modern and unusual designs. Some of the Etsy sellers that have caught our eye include:

Prices from: $100

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