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Frederiksberg City Hall Copenhagen Micro wedding

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Taylor and Fru decided to tie the knot and be bride & bride in the beautiful city of Copenhagen. Even though Taylor is from the US and Fru is from Hungary, they chose Denmark because it’s easier for same-sex couples to get married there.

They got married at the Frederiksberg City Hall in Copenhagen, surrounded by their families and closest friends who came from far away to support them. With the help of the wedding agency “Getting Married in Denmark,” they sorted out all the paperwork hassle-free and had a beautiful celebration of love.

How did they choose the location?

From Cedric, the photographer: There are 2 city halls in Copenhagen where you can get married, the first and most popular one (Rådhuspladsen) is in the inner city and the second one is in Frederiksberg. This is closed off to be a large garden, where they had their photoshoot before their ceremony. Frederiksberg garden is the most attractive English-style green space in Copenhagen. The garden is a public space and is open all year from 06:00 through 17:00 to 22:00 depending on the season. Both the city hall and the garden is easily accessible, for all ages and abilities.

can you have a legal ceremony here or just symbolic?

From Cedric, the photographer: At the city hall it has to be legal but at the garden you can get married both in a legal or symbolic manner. The city of Copenhagen has an ‘Open-air wedding’ concept where a civil wedding officer conducts a marriage ceremony at some iconic and beautiful spots in Copenhagen, just like at the Frederiksberg garden.

what about Sustainability for this wedding?

From Cedric, the photographer: They kept sustainability in mind to an extent, since it was a micro-wedding. The flowers chosen were from a local vendor and seasonally picked to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation. They also stayed at an eco-friendly hotel that is close to the city hall to minimize transportation emissions.

For me as a photographer, I deliver digital pictures and online albums to prioritize eco-friendly practices
Sustainable transportation is very important in Copenhagen. I always recommend couples opt for either public transportation, bike rental, or walking.

When walking in the garden, we make sure to walk on the designated path and to not disturb the nature or pick flowers, and most importantly to not leave any waste behind.

how did the couple meet?

They met during their studies.
They decided to elope as they believed it was the best way for them to get married legally. Their supporting families and best friends also joined them in their celebration.
They both live in Hungary and since Denmark was known for their progressive stance on LGBTQ+ marriage equality, they felt it was the natural choice. Copenhagen’s open-minded community and ease of access made it even easier.

Top tips for eloping in Copenhagen

Make It A Full Day

My top tip for future couples eloping to Copenhagen – make it an all-day thing!

Even though it might be just the 2 of you, it’s great to plan something wonderful for the whole day. For example, you could go to a spa in the morning to spend some quality time together before the ceremony. After the ceremony, you could go sightseeing, then go for dinner at a nice restaurant and celebrate a little bit more!

Fall is Magical

Copenhagen is beautiful all year round, but I particularly love the fall season. The colors in the garden are magical and it is also a bit less crowded than in the summer.

The Legal Ceremony is Short

Keep in mind that the ceremony itself at the city halls in Copenhagen can be very fast since there are a lot of weddings there during the day. My advice would be to already immerse yourself emotionally while waiting for your turn to get married at the city hall, and once in the big room, enjoy every second of it. The ceremony is about 15 minutes maximum, so you will still have time to exchange short vows if you wish. Otherwise, you can take more time and share your private vows later in the day at another location.

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Photography: Cedric D. Vincent Photography
Wedding Agency: Getting Married in Denmark
Rings: Ooh My Deer

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