Surprise proposal in rome, italy

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As the golden hues of the setting sun painted the sky over Rome, love was in the air at the picturesque Giardini degli Aranci. Little did Madi know, her birthday photoshoot with Cosmin was about to turn into a moment she would cherish forever – a surprise proposal that would take her breath away.
What better location for a surprise proposal than the eternal city of Rome, we love it!

how was the location for this Photo session chosen?

From Rita, the photographer: Well, Cosmin actually picked out the location and I was over the moon about it! It’s such a romantic spot, bustling with people at sunset, yet it holds this intimate charm and is tucked away from the usual tourist hubs. That’s precisely why he went for it—I think he stumbled upon it while browsing Google! 

As for most public spots in Rome, you don’t need any special permits for photo sessions.

The location is easy to access, with buses nearby. It is a bit of a walk from the bus stop, so do keep that in mind.

Can you Have a Legal wedding here or just symbolic?

In Rome, legal ceremonies are restricted to specific locations designated by the municipality. However, symbolic ceremonies can still be arranged there. Despite this limitation, it’s worth noting that these locations, such as the orange grove, offer a magical ambiance, especially when the trees are in full bloom, so in spring . Just imagine the delightful fragrance enveloping you as you celebrate your special day! 

what are your top tips for planning an elopement or photo session in rome?

From Rita, the photographer: Keep in mind the fluctuating opening hours of this garden, as it remains open to the public but adjusts its schedule based on the season and time of year. Despite this, it’s undeniably a fantastic spot to visit. But there are other spots, within the garden that are less crowded so take advance of those, and of the geometry of the trees.

However, be prepared for larger crowds, especially around sunset. Even catching a glimpse of the breathtaking panorama may require a touch of patience. But trust me, the view is absolutely worth it!

I think when the orange trees are in bloom, so in spring, or when the oranges are already on the trees late autumn/winter is the best time to visit. It gives that little something extra, but it’s always gorgeous 🙂  

how did the couple meet?

From Cosmin: We crossed paths in 2020 at work, where she joined the team a month after I did. From the moment she walked in for her interview, I couldn’t help but notice her captivating presence. Her beautiful eyes and her welcoming smile immediately drew me in, filling me with joy every time I caught sight of her.

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Photography: AmorVincitOmnia
Planner: I Said Yes in Rome

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