Isle of Skye elopement

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Nick and Haley traveled from Nevada, USA to the beautiful Isle of Skye for their elopement. They had always wanted to honeymoon in Scotland and couldn’t narrow down a guest list for a big wedding so they decided to combine the two in one and elope to Scotland.
Their UK photographer Pippa guided them to beautiful spots on the island for both the ceremony (with a hand fasting ceremony) and for their photo session.

how did the couple meet?

Nick and Haley had met initially at college, and would meet over, and over again amongst mutual friends at parties, but each time Nick didn’t remember who Haley was, even though Haley did. They were both in relationships during these meetings, until the last meeting when Haley and Nick were both single, and finally she had enough of this ‘Mr. Never remembers me’ and she introduced herself AGAIN, with a little help from the vodka soda’s… it’s safe to say, he never forgot her again.

Fast forward 10 years and they were eloping in Skye after making their marriage official in Nevada before leaving for the UK.

How did they choose the location?

They had always wanted to have their honeymoon in Scotland and lighthouses have a sentimental value for the bride. She used to visit lighthouses with her dad, it was their thing. Hence the choice for Neist Point for the ceremony.
They had a hard time. narrowing down a guest list for a larger wedding and decided to stick to something smaller and combine an elopement in Scotland with a honeymoon there too.
They had a legal ceremony in the USA so opted for a symbolic ceremony in Scotland. No permits were needed.
Not everything on the Isle of Skye is easily accessible, something to keep in mind when planning in this location.

What are your top tips for planning an Elopement in this area?

From Pippa, the photographer: adventure and plan a route before the actual elopement. Go and see things for yourself to determine the best spots! Bookmark them and use those to plan your route. Just embrace all of the elements and love it. The Isle of Skye is such a beautiful location!

Can you tell us a bit about the ceremony?

 We reached Neist point where we battled with the wind, up to the point where you could just see the Lighthouse popping in between Nick and Haley’s bodies. Chloe, the celebrant, positioned herself in front of them in order to host their service. Chloe spoke about the colours of the fabric that were to fast their hands together, their story and how they would exchange their vows.

Nick and Haley took it in turns to exchange beautiful words to one another, the only people who heard was them as the wind whipped their voices away no further than each others ears. Beautifully intimate. 
Chloe then tied their hands together in a hand fasting ceremony, bonding them for life.

The vendors:

Photography: Pippa Volans Photography
Celebrant: The Celebrant Chloe
Florals: Skye Bloom Floristry
Dress: Studio Inspire Bridal

the photos:

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