Val d’Orcia, Tuscany elopement

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A beautiful Autumn elopement in Tuscany. Does it get much better? We don’t think so!

Michelle and Justin had just the “perfect” elopement day: it couldn’t have been more relaxed, genuine, emotional and happy than it was. It started in the morning, when they got ready and wrote their vows to each other, which they exchanged in a secluded place at the venue they were staying at.

After an emotional exchange of vows, they went on a stunning tour of the historic venue wine cellar, where they were also going to dine in complete intimacy later on that day (with a tasting menu paired with their unique wines). After the cellar tour they set off to explore the surrounding area, stopping at the photographer’s very favorite spots that served perfectly as settings for a few candid and pretty epic photo sessions.
A stunning sunset on Rocca d’Orcia wrapped their day up, and what a day it was.

Can you tell us a bit about the location?

From Carol, the photographer:

The location in which Michelle and Justin exchanged their vows is a beautiful residence in the Tuscan countryside, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. It is a location that through a thoughtful work of renovation was able to incorporate otherwise discarded original materials into luxe and first class spaces that make you feel all the Tuscan high end charm and at the same time its typical rustic feel.

Not only do the gardens, the pool, the restaurant and setting make this venue a place where anyone will enjoy a real and absolutely incredible Tuscan experience, but also its historic wine cellar adds to the venue a rare touch of uniqueness and exclusivity (it is one of the oldest and richest wine cellars in Italy). Plus, it is located in one of our favourite Tuscan areas, Val d’Orcia.

If you decide to stay at this Dimora, you will have the freedom to take pictures around its grounds, and upon payment of a fee (€300) you can have a symbolic ceremony there too.

The other spots we picked for the itinerary we made for our couple are some of our very favourite places in Tuscany. They are open to the public and you do not need a special permit to shoot there.

What about Sustainability in This area?

From Carol, the photographer: Sustainability is an aspect that we always keep in a great deal of consideration, being also one of the main reasons we decided to specialise more and more in elopements rather than big and traditional destination weddings (being these so wasteful). When suggesting places and activities to do on an elopement day, we always work with locals in order to support the rural and local communities and we always look for the slow, seasonal and organic alternative. Luckily this is an area that is lovingly kept both by locals and by tourists and this is also a reason why we love taking our couples here. You can experience a real Tuscan vibe, without having the constant feel of being part of something meant to just squeeze the most out of a place.

When is the best time of year to visit?

From Carol, the photographer: As for most Italian destinations, travelling here off season will definitely translate into a better experience. The temperatures will be mild and enjoyable (as opposed to unbearable heat) and of course, the crowds much smaller. Be wary though that in this region in Tuscany the landscape changes dramatically, depending on the month you choose for your elopement. So if you are picturing yourself walking through endless golden fields of wheat, make sure to be in the hands of someone that knows the area and the harvesting season well!

Why did the Couple decide to elope?

From Michelle, the bride: We decided to elope for a few reasons. Firstly, we wanted our special moment together to be unique and memorable, reflecting our personalities and relationship. By eloping, we knew that our ceremony would be private and intimate, shared only between us, which added an extra layer of meaning to the occasion. The adventurous aspect of eloping also appealed to us, allowing us to break away from traditional wedding conventions and embark on a spontaneous yet exciting journey together. Overall, eloping fulfilled our desire for a one-of-a-kind experience that celebrated our love in a way that genuinely felt authentic and meaningful to us.

What made the couple choose Europe and this location in particular?

From Michelle, the bride: After conducting thorough research and seeking advice from Benni and Carol, we ultimately settled on Tuscany as our destination, particularly during the enchanting fall season. The decision was influenced by the region’s breathtaking landscape, adorned with vibrant foliage that promised to paint our experience with hues of warmth and tranquillity. We desired to immerse ourselves in the embrace of nature while indulging in the rich tapestry of history and culture that Tuscany offers. We envisioned strolling through picturesque vineyards, witnessing the ancient architecture, and savouring the culinary delights the region is renowned for. In choosing Tuscany, we aimed to create a wedding experience that would be not only visually stunning but also deeply immersive, allowing us to forge cherished memories against the backdrop of one of Italy’s most captivating locations.

The vendors

Photography: Benni Carol Photography
Venue: Argiano Dimore
Florist: Floreart Firenze
Hair & Make-up: Fiona Wu Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

The Photos:

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