Salzburg Elopement Guide

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No need to look further! Austria is one of the best places to elope! And within Austria, Salzburg stands out with its romance, culture and photo backdrops. If you have started thinking of where to elope in Europe, there is only one answer: right in the heart!

Austria’s mountain tops, pristine lakes, and spectacular waterfalls create the picturesque outdoor wedding setup you wish to have for your special day. Gazing at your wedding photos later will bring back memories different from all the wedding stories you have heard.

In this Salzburg elopement guide, you’ll find out all the important details to help you start planning your dream wedding in the Austrian mountains.

Meet Your Local Salzburg Expert

Sandra Maureder

From Stressfree Weddings by SandraM

I was born and raised in Salzburg, which gives me in-depth knowledge of the city and the surroundings, making sure we will create a unique experience for you.

Why You Should Consider Salzburg For Your Elopement

We start the day with the getting-ready, grab your bridal bouquet and hop on a car to take you to the scenic backdrop of your dreams where the celebrant is already awaiting us. Maybe we include a short walk to the lakeside or hike to the spot where you and your better half will say your wedding vows.

Feel free to jump into that mountain lake and officially and passionately ‘trash-the-dress’ right after your elopement in Austria!

Or are you a bit more of the adventurous kind? Then bring your skis or snowboards to be included at your winter wedding in Austria. You get the vibe – all seasons guarantee a day filled with love and fun you will remember forever. 

Bride taps groom on the shoulder from behind, while they are overlooking the city of Salzburg from a roof terrace at their hotel
Photo by Katrin Kerschbaumer

Planning Your Visit To Salzburg 

Where Is Salzburg?

Salzburg is placed right in the heart of Europe, which makes it not only a sought-after location to travel to but to explore not only the city but the whole region with its glorious mountains and picturesque lakes.

How To Travel To Salzburg

Salzburg has a well-connected airport with several daily flights to big hubs like Frankfurt or London. The airport is only a 10min-drive from the city centre. Another option is to fly into Munich and take the train to Salzburg. The slow train offers a reduced group ticket (Bavaria ticket) for up to six people, and you will arrive in Salzburg within 2,5 hours. If you decide to stay in Salzburg, there is no need to hire a car since the city is very walkable. If you plan to stay longer and explore the lakes in the Salzkammergut Region and the Austrian Alps, a car might come in handy.

How To Travel Around

I suggest walking, cycling and public transport in the city centre. If you would like to explore the surroundings of Salzburg, a hired car is an advantage.

Salzburg Accommodation

I highly recommend staying in the city centre with views of the famous landmarks. Some of the best hotels in the city include:


Trip planning resources for your visit to Salzburg

I recommend doing your research including all common travel guides and websites, the Austrian Tourist Board and the website of the City of Salzburg. 

Bride and groom kiss in Mirabell gardens in Salzburg after their elopement ceremony
Photo by Katrin Kerschbaumer

What’s The Best Time of Year To Elope in Salzburg?

It is easy to elope to Salzburg all year round!

Spring weddings in Salzburg

All trees and flowers bloom from mid-late April onwards. If you plan a mountain elopement, please be aware that there is still the possibility of snow on the mountain tops.

Summer weddings in Salzburg

The heat is on! Usually you get lovely summer weather with high temperatures in and around Salzburg, which creates the perfect conditions for an elopement at one of the lakes only a short drive away. There might be the danger of thunderstorms in the late afternoon and evening. If you prefer cooler temperatures, I recommend going further up – a mountain elopement offers you to possibility of hiking and posing in front of dramatic backdrops for your wedding photos.

Fall weddings in Salzburg

In the fall, many of the trees start to turn a wonderful golden shade, and the Indian summer creates the most beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos – let nature be your backdrop! Fall is also slightly out of the busiest tourism season (July & August) which means that you can find some locations to be a bit quieter.

Winter weddings in Salzburg

Don’t miss the magical atmosphere of the world famous Christmas Market in the City of Salzburg. If you are lucky, the city will be covered in snow, creating a fairy tale wedding experience for the two of you. Another option is to tie the know on a mountain top (you might even want to hire a helicopter) and ski down after the ceremony.

Hinterer Langbathsee Elopement by Del + Jay Jay Weddings

How to get married in Salzburg

It is pretty easy to get legally married in Austria; you do not need to be a resident of Austria; as long as you submit the paperwork in time, you are ready to tie the knot. As a citizen of Salzburg, I’m very proud to mention that we are the home of one of the most beautiful registry offices in the world.

Legal marriage ceremonies in Salzburg

What paperwork do you need?

It is very straightforward for Europeans to get married in Austria. If you are from the UK, the US, Australia or another third country, the registrar will offer a list of documents you must provide. The good news is: you don’t have to be a resident to get legally married here.

How far in advance do you need to submit notice?

I suggest a 4-6 month minimum to get all the paperwork collected and translated in time. If you insist on a particular (Saturday) date, I highly recommend starting to plan as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Do You Need Witnesses?

You can run off and elope to Austria without telling anyone. There are no witnesses needed to get legally married here. If you like a witness to sign, I would be honoured to assist.

LGBTQ+ Marriages in Salzburg

Can same-sex couples marry here? Is this a safe and welcoming area for them? Yes and Yes! Everyone is welcome!

Bride and groom walking up a staircase in Mirabell Palace in Salzburg
Wedding at Schloss Mirabell. Photo by Katrin Kerschbaumer

Salzburg Elopement & Wedding Locations

Choosing the perfect location for your elopement

How to avoid the crowds in Salzburg: Ideally we find a spot in nature where there are no or only a few other people around. I know a few secret spots 😉

Top 5 Elopement Locations in and around Salzburg

  • City of Salzburg
  • Untersberg
  • Gaisberg
  • Lake Fuschl
  • Gollinger Wasserfall

Wedding Venues in Salzburg for intimate weddings

No matter if you say your vows in world-famous Schloss Mirabell, in a very famous gazebo at Schloss Hellbrunn, in a glasshouse close to Lake Fuschl, in a private room in one of the castle hotels or at one of the oldest restaurants in the world, we will create an extraordinary experience for you. Just put a little bit of trust in your planner! 

Hallstatt elopement by by Del + Jay Jay Weddings

How much does it cost to get married in Salzburg?

Salzburg Luxury Elopement Costs

As we know, with money, the sky is the limit. I’m a big fan of distinguished service and creating a bespoke elopement experience for every couple. If you are enjoying the finer things in life, let’s hire a helicopter to take you up a mountain to say your vows stress-(and sweat) free and later in the evening, a private chef will enchant your taste buds. We will tailor every detail to your needs to create an unforgettable elopement experience. Your investment starts from €15.000,- for the day, including a planner.  

Salzburg Affordable Elopement Costs

The average investment for a mid-range elopement in Salzburg starts at €8000,- for the day, including a planner, legal fees/translator fees, a spot in nature (not a venue where you have a room hire fee!), a photographer for a maximum of 4 – 6 hours, a celebrant, hair & make-up, a bridal bouquet and a buttonhole.

Bride and groom celebrate with their arms raised after their elopement ceremony in Mirabell Palace in Salzburg
Photo by Katrin Kerschbaumer

Biggest Planning Mistakes Couples Make?

What a lot of couples don’t seem to understand is that services do cost money. It is the case everywhere in the world, especially Salzburg is an example of a rather top-end destination in Austria though. An elopement is just the two of you, still professionals offering their service expect to get paid a fair price for the quality and experience they provide. 

Please don’t underestimate the time it takes to get your documents ready. They can’t be older than six months, and you must send them to the registry office translated no later than 6 to 3 months before your wedding date. Attention: the documents need to be translated by a certified translator in Austria!

What is the benefit of working with local vendors in Salzburg?

Hospitality is key! Austrians are living up to the motto ‘The customer is king!’ because we cherish your appreciation. You will feel this throughout your whole elopement experience. We will make it happen with a smile on our faces. ☺

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