Burg Eltz Castle Elopement in Germany

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Burg Eltz is an extremely special location. It is one of the oldest castles in Germany (800 years old and 33 generations…) and one of the very few that has never been destroyed due to war or disaster. It remains more or less in its original historic state. The couple chose it due to its aesthetic – they knew they wanted to elope at a castle, and when they googled castles around Europe, they found this one, and their photographer Mariah.

An elopement wedding at Eltz Castle in Germany

This elopement was special to me since the couple and I started planning it almost a year to the date before. The couple was so chill, and even admitted they felt they were “too chill” – their family kept trying to work them up and get them in a fuss about eloping, but they simply didn’t care. They knew this was what they wanted. They invested in their outfits, and kept the rest really simple and beautiful. They trusted me entirely with the entire vision, down to their AirBnB rental. Working with them felt just like a day with two friends, and we spent the entire day walking in the woods, enjoying the castle view and talking about the best Ramen spots in London. My absolute favorite details of the day was her emerald ring; it was a perfect match to the mossy green surroundings. I also especially remember their vows, and how impressed I was with what they wrote. Their words were so charged with emotion, and they were both crying, and so was I. When I told them later how their vows had me tearing up, and were honestly the best I’d heard all year, they said it was thanks to the vow writing guide I sent them :3 — which made me feel super good!!

Mariah – Photographer

How To Plan An Elopement At Burg Eltz Castle

If you are planning an elopement here, go at sunrise, mid week, between the months of September and June. Summer here is insanely crowded, and by noon, the bridge is full of camera wielding tourists by the bus load. You have about 1 hour on the castle bridge around sunrise before others start showing up. Likely, there will be some others there already, but they’re usually happy to yield to the wedding couple. By the time you leave, there will be a line of cars 3km down the road waiting to find parking.

Currently, the grounds outside the castle walls, on the bridge and the surrounding trails are open to the public 24/7 and you do not need any special permission to photograph outside the castle.

There are some secrete trails and overlooks in the surrounding forest where you can find some quiet alone time, so I encourage people to keep wandering around! Oh, and plan a picnic.

The area is in a remote valley near Koblenz, Germany. Therefore, LNT principles are important here to keep the area clean and pristine. Use biodegradable confetti only, and take all trash with. It’s a popular tourist destination, however, so there are plenty of places to park, walk and dispose of trash.

Other advice and tips I have for this area is to book a hotel in downtown Koblenz. It’s not a busy area, but it is beautiful. The countryside is hilly and green and has lots of wineries. It’s a 1.5 hour drive from Frankfurt, Germany, though, and there isn’t much else to see in the area, so this castle is for those who KNOW they want Burg Eltz and to keep it minimal with nothing else!

Vendor Credits

Photographer – Mariah Arianna
Bride’s Dress – Heart Aflutter Bridal Boutique
Location – Burg Eltz

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