Honeymoon Shoot in Milan & Como

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Kostas and Georgia tied the knot in Thessaloniki, Greece, in a big wedding celebration with family and friends, but after some conversations with their wedding photographer Kostas, they decided to have a honeymoon photoshoot in Milan and Como in Italy.

Why choose a honeymoon photoshoot?

Having a wedding shoot abroad is simply an unforgettable experience. A post-wedding/honeymoon photoshoot gives you the opportunity to take amazing wedding photos in any part of the world. You might wish to have your photo shoot in a special place, for example, the place where you got engaged, or simply a dream location. Unlike on a wedding day, there is no pressure or rush. You are simply focused on having fun and having a dream trip while taking stunning photos. 

Each couple that chooses to have a destination wedding photoshoot lives something spectacular. It’s like being on vacation but living your wedding moments again in another country or city – honestly, it’s like a dream!

Why did the couple choose Milan & Lake Como for their after-wedding photos?

Milan and Lake Como were two locations where the couple dreamed of having their wedding photos there. The whole style of the wedding was classy and elegant and there is no other place such as Como and Milan that express that elegance in a better way. Milan is the fashion capital of the world and every store is a piece of art. All the locations offer high-class elegance and make amazing backgrounds. 

How easy was it to combine Milan and Lake Como for a photoshoot?

Milan and Lake Como make the best combination for an after-wedding photo shoot. Lake Como is about 45′ distance from Milan and offers amazing scenery. Every year hundreds of weddings take place in this paradise on earth. Many villas around Lake Como offer stunning locations for photos – just remember to ask for permission before you start shooting there.


Photographer – 8th Art Photography
Greece Wedding Venue – Ktima Noto
Como Villa – Villa Olmo

Wedding Day

After-Wedding Shoot

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