Howth Cliffs After Wedding session

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We’re thrilled to share the magic of an unforgettable after-wedding photo session of Dawn and Jay set against the breathtaking backdrop of Howth Cliffs in Ireland. Let’s delve into the beauty of this iconic coastal landscape and the moments captured amidst its rugged charm, reliving the joy of love against the backdrop of one of Ireland’s most captivating natural wonders

how was the location chosen?

From the photographers: We had to do a long research with Google Earth. We flew to Dublin and wanted to stay around there, also to make it easy for our couple to reach the destination, since Dublin is their hometown.

Howth Cliffs is just 15 kilometers (9 miles) from Dublin center. It is part of the Howth Head Peninsula, which juts out into the Irish Sea, offering spectacular views of Dublin Bay and it’s surrounding countryside.

The cliffs themselves are renowned for their rugged beauty, rising dramatically from the sea to heights of around 90 meters (300 feet) in some places. They are composed of layers of sedimentary rock, including sandstone and limestone, which have been shaped over millions of years by the forces of erosion.

Can you have a legal ceremony here and how easy is it to access?

You can only have a symbolic ceremony here unfortunately.
It was quite rough to go down there and back up. You have to climb a cliff. There are some sort of stone stairs, but they can be very slippery, so you have to be okay walking by foot.

Dawn braved it all in her wedding dress when it was a little stormy. So it is hard, but doable.

Do you have any tips when eloping or Doing a photo Session at this location?

From the photographers: Keep in mind, if you want to use some decor, it has to be light weighted, because it is truly not easy going down there.
Even in September it was rainy and stormy so definitely keep an eye on the weather forecast.
Last but not least: just do it! If you want to do an after wedding session, grab your love and make something memorable out of it!

the vendors:

Photography: Melly & Martin

the photos:

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