After Wedding Shoot in Villa Caristo

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The Story Behind This After-wedding Shoot in Italy

The wedding was scheduled to take place on the island of Crete in May. The trip was planned for four days and everything, including flights, hotels, decorators, and so on, had been booked. However, due to the pandemic, the wedding was postponed until the end of August. The planner rescheduled everything, and by summer, the situation had improved, allowing for travel.  

Initially, the couple and their guests were calm, but in mid-August, they received disturbing news from the travel agency indicating that the situation in Greece was deteriorating and flights may be cancelled. As predicted, the flights were cancelled, and the couple was faced with two options: cancel the wedding or accept the travel agency’s offer of a week-long trip to Italy’s Calabria region, which is not very popular among Lithuanians. They chose the second option. Only the couple, the planner, photographer, and videographer remained from the group of guests. However, the videographer withdrew from the trip after learning that it would be necessary to quarantine for 14 days upon returning. The planner, Greta from Tender Ones, re-planned everything and acted as a translator and advisor during the trip since she was fluent in Italian.  

At the end of August, the photographer, planner, and couple flew to Calabria on an empty plane. As soon as we boarded the plane, we learned that our return tickets had been cancelled. However, we managed to figure out how to get back over the course of a week.

On the third day of the trip, the wedding photo session took place in Italy. The preparations began in the couple’s hotel room, where a make-up artist arrived to take care of the bride’s hair and makeup. After everyone was ready, they drove for 1.5 hours to Villa Caristo, one of the most beautiful villas in the Calabria region, for the photo session. According to legend, the property of the Caristo family was built on top of a Roman villa. This magnificent villa and the surrounding park are reminiscent of the villas of Vesuvius in their style, decorative wealth, and elegance. Over the years, it has suffered serious and irreparable looting, with about a hundred marble statues stolen to adorn noble villas in the neighborhood.

The photo session took place on the villa’s grounds until dawn.

Villa Caristo is the spectacular Baroque villa in the Calabrian countryside, it is almost difficult to believe when you are in front of it and you have the most beautiful surroundings. Bonus points for the great host of the villa, who makes it easy to book it for a wedding photoshoot or the wedding itself. It is great for a very romantic elopement in two.

Jurgita – Jurgita Lukos Photography

Tips For Planning An Elopement or After-Wedding Shoot at Villa Caristo

Book The Venue In Advance

You can’t just turn up and shoot at Villa Caristo. You should book the wedding photoshoot in advance, but the host is very easy to communicate with.

Can You Have A Legal Ceremony Here?

Civil wedding requirements are not very easy to follow in Calabria, but it is a great spot for the elopement, pre-wedding or post wedding photoshoot. Car hire and a great photographer is a total must in this area!

It is a great choice to make a post wedding photoshoot, the couple is relaxed and the result of the shoot looks very editorial in here. I think they felt like a royal couple in this location! I would advise to have a post wedding photoshoot in this location, enjoy each other’s company, great food and sea in Calabria. I highly suggest you visit Tropea and Pizzo as well.

Jurgita – Jurgita Lukos Photography

Vendor Credits

Photographer – Jurgita Lukos Photography
Wedding Planner – Tender Ones
The Venue – Villa Caristo
Dress – Vamp
HMUA – Patrizia Mckenzie
Florist – Silvia Rubino Floral Design

The Photos

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